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When Should You Initiate A Daycare Accident Lawsuit?

A daycare center is where busy parents leave their children as they go about their day jobs, in the hopes that they will be cared for in a safe and welcoming environment. If something should happen to your child there, regardless of the size of the infraction, it is a tremendous break from the inherent trust brokered by the act of childcare. It can be a hurtful and infuriating incident, and sometimes requires legal counsel. If you need to instate the services of a daycare center and would like to know more about your rights and when to secure the assistance of a lawyer, then read on for more information.

Delinquent Supervision

If you or another parent notices that the daycare center provides inadequate adult supervision, then that’s a major violation. The managers of a daycare facility are responsible for ensuring the protection of its children, and if there is not adequate care then it entails a breach of their contractual obligations. 

There’s almost nothing worse than a child reporting back to their parents after a long day that they were left alone most of the time, and perhaps tripped or hurt themselves as a result. In cases like this, parents can sue the daycare on behalf of their child – especially if the child was hurt and it is easy to establish fault. The center is usually found negligent in these cases in course, and the supervisor or teacher themselves can be found guilty of neglecting their duty. 


Whether your child was hurt in a freak accident due to bald faced negligence, an aberrant arts and crafts project, or a defective seat at the daycare, these are all cases in which there is a strong possibility that a lawsuit against the daycare would be part of the course. According to the experts at this website, the main thing that the lawyers would need to do to prove the case is to provide indelible proof of direct cause and that the teacher or center manager’s negligence was the sole cause of the child’s injury. The more proof of this the better to help make the case in court before a jury. 

Medical Expenses

One element to keep in mind if something should happen to your child is whether or not any medical expenses are attached to the incident in question. It will be hard to succeed in a personal injury claim unless you can prove that your child indeed suffered some kind of injury while staying at the daycare center. 

Insurance companies for one will not compensate a claim solely on the basis that you think your child was put in danger due to negligence from the facility. Therefore, you need to keep copies of any records and bills such as proof of going to emergency care, obtaining medical treatment, dental care, or even invoices for child therapists or counselors whose expertise may have been consulted in the event of emotional trauma. 

State Laws

Another thing to keep in mind when considering possible legal action against a daycare center in the event of negligence is the local state laws and regulations. The lawyer will be well-versed in the codes and regulations governing the facilities, and the state would have the power to inspect the daycare centers in order to issue citations or any violations to health and safety codes that may come up.

Building a Case

If your lawyer affirms that you have grounds for a case, then you will need to take the time to help put it together. For one, you will need written or verbally recorded eyewitness accounts to help attest to the incident. You will also need photographs of the scene, any injuries sustained by your child with follow-up photos of their continued healing process, all medical bills, and so on. Besides this, the lawyer will help calculate the total in damages that they believe the daycare center should be held liable for. After this vital step, you will have a more accurate picture of the amount of compensation that can be received, as compared to the code violations that were broken in the incident. 

A huge marker that will affect the case is whether or not the incident in question is one of negligence or straight out abuse. In both cases, there will be different nuances and intricacies in the law that will inform how the matter is handled legally, and whether or not it goes to court. In all cases, only the best legal representation will be able to tell whether or not the damages at stake can be covered in full and lead to concrete punitive steps against the daycare. 


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