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Why You Need to Be Prepared for Car Accidents

Ridgewood Police and Fire Respond with Paramus Police and Fire to Linwood Avenue Accident

In recent years, car accident rates have been steadily increasing, resulting in numerous health consequences and millions of dollars’ worth of losses to everyone involved. However, evidence also suggests that the number of accidents is starting to slowly shrink, especially with a large number of drivers respecting the roads and following safety measures promoted across the states.

However, with all these safety measures, the road is still a dangerous place to drive on. If you’re still not sure why expecting the worst-case scenario is imperative, here are a couple of reasons that would change your mind.

Emergency Situations Might Occur at Anytime

A good portion of car accidents are actually minor and don’t require medical help, investigation, and so on. However, when you’re involved in an accident, you might have only a few seconds to call for help. In these situations, it’s very possible that someone’s injury might worsen and cause permanent damage.

To avoid emergencies in the first place, you’ll have to make some preparations like having a first aid kit in your vehicle and a flashlight in the glove compartment, which can be used to signal for help if you’re unable to move or break the window so you can easily escape. If possible, have orange cones in your car trunk in order to keep other vehicles from colliding with the scene of the accident. This can be useful, especially if you’re trying to help an injured person.

Exceeding the Speed Limit Endangers Everyone on the Road

Going past the speed limit is just wrong on so many levels because one, you’re doing something that is illegal, and two, the chances of you causing a car accident will skyrocket. The car accident lawyers over at say that you should have full control over your car brakes in a way that won’t let your car fishtail over the road and collide with another car. It is bad enough that unexpected maneuvers of other drivers can throw you off guard and force you to react in a short period of time.

Driving past the speed limit will shorten that period even more. So, it’s best that you abide by the roads’ speed limits, and follow the practices of defensive driving, like maintaining a safe distance from other drivers and being avoiding distractions, like phone calls, food, drinks, etc.

Car Check-ups Could Save Your Life

It goes without saying that you should do quick check ups on your car before driving it. If you’re one of those people who diligently conducts safety check-ups every time you take your car on the road, then you’d be surprised by how many people skip that step. Making a habit of checking the exterior of your car is always a good safety measure. So, make sure that you check up on your parking lights and headlights.

Also, look for any leaks, inspect the rearview mirror, and the window to ensure that you have clear visibility. Your wipers should be working as well in case the weather is particularly rough. Make sure that you have your emergency contact number ready so that you can call that number instantly should an accident occur.

To Ensure the Safety of Everyone on the Road

One way to be prepared for car accidents is by driving defensively. Defensive driving essentially conditions drivers to identify hazards on the road and avoid them accordingly. Sometimes, the source of these hazards might be other drivers.

For example, if you see a driver rushing by in a hurry, clear the way for them, as not allowing them to pass through increases the chances of a car accident. Blocking the path of other cars and going in and out of traffic is equally dangerous both for you and other drivers.

To avoid endangering other drivers, make sure that you follow these defensive driving strategies:

Be aware of the environment hazards

Know the stopping distance of your vehicle

Share the road along with everybody else

Know your reaction distance

Always scan the road and your surroundings

Adjust your speed to the speed limit

Driving can be a safe experience but making one mistake can induce a chain reaction and result in a terrible accident. Car accidents are notorious for their impact on your physical health and mental wellbeing. They could also result in you inadvertently causing a grave injury to your loved one.

So, it is advised that you follow the rules of the road and prepare as much as they can for a car accident. If you ever find yourself in one, you might want to have legal protection, which can be provided with a competent car accident lawyer. So make sure that you talk to a lawyer if a car accident resulted in legal complications.

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