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2020 Guide On How To Deal With A Feral Cat

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Today, there are hundreds of feral cats roaming around the streets. These cats can be a mess in your backyard, for example, while they try to search for food and water to quench their thirst. If you are a pet lover, you may feel the urge to adopt the cat. However, with their wild behavior, dealing with it might prove challenging. So, what should be your reaction when you find yourself in such a fix? Here is an updated guide you must follow in dealing with the cat:

  1. Establish if it’s a feral or stray cat

The first and most crucial step to dealing with a wild cat is to confirm if the cat in question is a feral cat or a stray one. So, how can you tell the difference? Feral cats tend to be a bit aggressive and defensive. Approaching them might thus prove difficult. They can injure you while trying to protect themselves. As opposed to stray cats, feral cats are never friendly. They are used to surviving on their own and never had any contact with humans or the contact with humans has diminished over time. They also appear to be shaggy based on the fact that they are used to surviving on the streets. Therefore, if your target cat happens to be well-groomed, has a neck tag, and appears confused, then the chances are that you are dealing with a lost buddy. The best you can do in this scenario is tracing the owner and take it back home. 

  1. Woe the cat with some food

You might be asking yourself why the feral cat is destroying your backyard or invading your home. Well, they do so while searching for food. After all, they are wild animals, and this means that all they do is spending their days searching for food, water, and safe shelter. In hot summer months, especially feral cats may be much affected by hunger. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to prevent them from damaging your back yard is having some food awaiting them while they pay a visit. 

At first, you might feel stressed, not knowing the right meal to offer to your new friend. With the many options flooding the market, most people find it challenging to pick an ideal meal. Thankfully, today, you can find reviews of the leading feline foods to choose from. These options include both wet and dry foods. When finding the ideal foods for your new friend, it’s recommended that you consider the brand and superior ingredients that the cat needs much to keep going. Some of the popular foods you ought to consider include:

Orijen Dry Cat Food 
Fromm Dry Cat Food
Castor & Pollux Organix
Ziwi Peak Grain-Free Canned Wet Cat Food.

You can have the food placed in the areas where these cats tend to hide. Once they notice the food, they are more likely to mark the territory and return often. However, don’t be surprised when they bring along their friends the next day. Therefore, you must be careful as this may mean more food, which means digging deep in your pockets. 

  1. Keep it hydrated

It will also help much if you put out a bowl of water for the cats. During the hot summer months, especially, it can be the most helpful thing you can do to these wild cats. It would be best if you had in mind that the same way your pets at the home struggle in the summer heat, so do feral cats. Therefore, you can have the bowl filled with water placed in an area they can see. The clean water you provide will keep them fresh and ready to deal with their daily running. 

  1. Build them a safe home

If you care about the feral cat in question, then it would help much if you create a shelter for them. It’s even a much fun task. Remember, these animals also do want some shade to hide during those hot summer months or cold winters. It makes them feel happy about having a spot to call their own. You don’t have to build an expensive shelter for them. 

You can take two plastic containers with lids (small and large). Cut a hole in the two boxes and place the small box into the big one. Add blankets to the gaps, as well as the small box. This allows comfort and warmth during the cold months. With such a simple home, you will be surprised that the cat may stick around for a while. 

  1. Spy on the cat and seek medical attention when they are in need

Most cat lovers are usually tempted to adopt feral cats. It’s never a good idea as they are risky to have around as opposed to the cat you have at home. They are never friendly with the other pets as they are adapted to surviving on their own. Besides, the fact that they are used to living in the streets can see them stressed when brought home. 

Therefore, your remaining option is to monitor the cat carefully. They are prone to injuries, and it’s at such a moment that they need your help to deal with the damage. You can contact your veterinary and have a rough idea of the costs you will cater to have the cat treated. As said earlier, feral cats can be harmful to handle. Therefore, when catching them for injury

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