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6 Great Reasons To Be More Eco-Friendly

More and more people decide to go in this direction and focus to impact the planet positively. Different alternatives for plastic bags and chemical products are being made each year. If you are asking yourself, “why should I go green”, the simple answer is there are many benefits that come with that certain lifestyle. It will be discussed here, if you are unsure, what are 6 great reasons to be more eco friendly. 

Health Is Always Number One

Health is the most important thing. Using products that are friendly to the environment does not only offer many benefits to overall well-being, compared to those that are chemical-based but also reduce the exposure to pollutants. The healthier the person is, the happier and more productive. So by making simple changes, you could be the one in that state of mind. A few of the things that you can do to improve your health by doing simple yet eco-friendly things are:

Using cleaning products that do not have toxic materials for your clothes and dishes.
Regular drafts can cleanse the air and bring in the fresh one which is always good for the lungs.

Global Warming 

By reports from NASA, human activities are the number one cause of global warming. UNFCCC reports that as of the Paris Agreement that came into effect in 2016, 145 countries have taken into action to limit global warming by 1,5 degrees Celsius. All actions that people can do individually can help in reducing climate change and living a more sustainable life. Even though the international efforts are being made to protect rainforests and other habitats, the study from 2016 has found that over 800 natural ecosystems are still at high risk of being destroyed. It is more than clear that more steps are more than necessary. By encouraging yourself to practice green habits, the impact that those actions will imprint on the environment will be more than positive and great. 

Power Saving

If people were more on the green side, to be precise, if buildings that are currently being used were improved in a green way, the U.S. Department of Energy believes that the country would use 20 billion dollars less in energy. And that is per year. So, one is only to think about their expenses. 

Just think about what amount of money will you be able to save in case you do just simple “green” things like installing a tightly sealing insulation. True that some upgrades are expensive, however, energy-savers are much cheaper than power-hogging ones. As an example, HVAC systems are too large. By installing a proper one, the price will be cheaper at the beginning plus save the energy as well. 

Thicker Wallet

Previously discussed green upgrades have yet another benefit and it deals with water. Those that are used can reduce the amount of water that is needed to run a home. Another positive thing would be that the water bills are certainly going to cost less, and that is especially important in countries like Nevada, Arizona, and California where water use has its restrictions. 

If you were to have low-flow sprinklers in your garden, you would also save money. Not only that the wallet will be fuller, but less water helps the grass as well. By overwatering it, there is a possibility of weed growth which no one wants. 


It may be hard to believe it, but many people today still do not understand that the ways humans behave can impact the environment. That does not mean necessarily in a bad way, but most often those impacts usually are. The overall lifestyles should be tailored to be more eco-friendly, so we could preserve nature and keep things clean. Here are the few tips on how to achieve that :

Domestic plastic bottles and wrappers should be reduced greatly by using soap and shampoo bars.
Do not use paper products excessively and use both sides before throwing it away.
When shopping, bring your bag.

Quality Of Breathing

The smell that many people like, for example, a new home or car smell, is bad. Those are toxins that come from building materials. Any air that is inside a new building can be ten times more polluted than one that is outdoors. By having a green home, indoor air quality is greatly improved. Not only that it is healthier to live in such a space but is also comfortable for the homeowner. 

For instance, by using plants and cleaners that are low with VOC, you will reduce the exposure to a carcinogen substance called formaldehyde. By going green, you will breathe easily and be sure that your home is clean and not harmful to your health. 

The Aftermath

There is no need to mention any further why it is so important that one should be a responsible human being. Not only because the earth is a home and that it should receive care, but because people should be liable to themselves as well. It is never too late to take actions that will lead to an eco-friendly life. 


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