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American Legion Post 53 Gold Star Monument Dropped from the Village Council Agenda


the staff of the Ridgewood  blog

Ridgewood NJ, Bravo, Ridgewood residents and local Veterans were out in force bashing the Village Council and particular two council members over their disgraceful behavior at the December 7th council meeting towards the proposed very generous gold star memorial donation by the  American Legion Post 53. More than about time.

The Village council hit an all time low and gave insight into what can be expected of the new council in January . Apparently the two council persons have still not figured out how they can make money out of the installation of the monument which comprises a simple gravestone . Worse yet the removal of the Gold Star Monument from the council’s agenda signals an open disdain for those who served and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country .

It is hardly a surprise when one of the council members previously took a knee during the 4th of July Parade and the other councilmember arrears to nothing more than a mouthpiece for the , “make money off the backs for the Ridgewood tax payers ” at all costs .

This comes on the heels of years of the Village making every effort not to publicize both the Veterans day service and the Memorial service hosted by American Legion Post 53.

Pamela Perron Deputy Mayor
Paul Vagianos Councilman

Well the Village has clearly lost its way over the last 25 years and continues to destroy its once stellar reputation no one could have guessed the fall had gone this far and the town could go this low.

11 thoughts on “American Legion Post 53 Gold Star Monument Dropped from the Village Council Agenda

  1. You see , they will wait a few months. until all the new Elected are in.

  2. We are doomed with this new council!

  3. So glad to have escaped NJ 20 years ago
    Ridgewood had been slipping academically for years. So glad to be in the Live Free or Die state. Not totally immune to “woke” but here no income tax, low property tax,no death duties and #2 in the US for education

  4. “one of the council members previously took a knee during the 4th of July Parade” Which council member ?

  5. political whore

    A politician who will sell out their constituents if it means they might get one step higher on the ladder. They will completely flip-flop on an issue that was the core of their campaign platform just because they think it might help them get elected to, for instance, Lake Forest City Council. They will even sell out the person who threw them proxies to get them into office. They become so “whoreish” that in the end, they are so slutty and nasty that nobody will touch them with a ten foot ballot.

  6. We will all reap what misguided voters have sown.
    Congratulations, fools–we tried to warn you. Too late now.

  7. Yea like one of our top brass taking a knee. Remember that. No balls. Take about a political hack.

  8. So Paul took a knee? Seriously. I am disgusted Did Paul have to jump through all these hoops to get his horrendous and dangerous wall and stupid tents that went around the corner? Who does he think he is? Why is he doing this to these generous and kind folk?

  9. I’m not talking about paul I’m talking about someone else, I just don’t wish to mention the individuals name, because I don’t slander one’s name or belittle or threaten one. I’m just saying that’s all , all that taken and he is all bullshit, do that on your time now when someone’s paying you. Go stand in front of your own house and take a knee.

  10. It’s so full of shift that people need to take a knee for political needs. The top brass person that took a knee is reading this and should retire. What a joke. We do know that the crew members are not happy about this.

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