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Avoid a Castostrophic Flush , Low-Cost Sewer Line Insurance Coverage in the Ridgewood Area


March 4,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Not many people realize their homeowner’s insurance coverage often does not cover their external sewer lines. This means should a problem arise, they are left responsible to pay for repairs and damage completely out of pocket. The good news is

Bey MGA, who recently announced their launch, is answering the call for help in this area. The New York based company, offer low-cost sewer line insurance coverage in NY, NJ, PA and IL, that delivers both security and peace of mind, to forward-thinking homeowners. 2018 will see the service expand to also be available to TX, OK, GA, TN, and AR customers.

Bey MGA is a new company offering affordable insurance coverage that protects our customers from unexpected and potentially catastrophic expenses that can result from an unexpected sewer line failure.

“We are here to insure the gap that currently exists in most basic homeowner insurance,” commented Michael Averill, Executive Vice President of Bey MGA. “The fact is homes across the US are
aging and that means it is only a matter of time, not if – but when, their sewer line breaks. Without insurance coverage in this area, the costs can truly be catastrophic.”

According to the company, the exterior sewer line is the piece of line that runs from the foundation of a home out to where the homeowner’s property ends. Of course, with time, this section of sewer line ages and sooner or later experiences problems. With homeowner’s insurance only providing coverage for sewer line within the home, this makes the coverage offered by Bey MGA quite needed and vital. Bey MGA uses a top-rated insurance carrier and covers breaks or tears in the outside sewer line (subject to the policy’s provisions) up to policy limits. A number of different sewer line insurance options are available, and professionals from the company’s customer service team
are always willing to discuss what may be the optimal choice for a homeowner based on their needs and resources available.

A recent Bey MGA insurance client from New York remarked, after experiencing a sewage line break, “I just have to say that you guys are wonderful! Not only was your claim team considerate, they walked us through the process
step-by-step. Within an hour, your adjuster was working with our plumber. Within two days, our repairs were complete, and our lives were back to normal.”

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