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Black Lives Matter Protest Organizer Hit with Police Overtime Bill

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Englewood Cliffs NJ,  A teen who organized a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest this summer was hit with an unexpected bill for $2,500 for police overtime from the borough. Obviously if you plan an event that expends police resources, you need to fit the bill. That’s standard procedure. Every town needs to do this when a permit is pulled. Pay up.

16 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Protest Organizer Hit with Police Overtime Bill

  1. Love it…

  2. If the protest was peaceful did the police need to be there? We’re the police requested at the event? This lacks information of any kind or usefulness (which I’ve grown to notice as a recurring trend on ridgewood blog). Seems like extortion to me.

  3. Pay the pill. Who’s should pay for Police , road crews for putting out barriers. And so on. They should have a permit .

  4. More bills should be sent to these clowns. Businesses that lost business due to patrons being harassed by protestors.

  5. Love it!! They should pay..

  6. If you want to dance you have to pay the fiddler….

    Meanwhile the Biden lead gets smaller and smaller. The country is put off by looting, shooting, and rioting.

    Same stuff happened in 2014 and DJT was the beneficiary.

    1. biden lead lol …..

  7. “If the protest was peaceful did the police need to be there? We’re the police requested at the event?”
    If the police weren’t there and this “Peaceful” protest went bad you would be the first tp post. “Where were the police”

  8. For now on in the future there should be no marchers and any street. They should be in the park or parking lot. We cannot block roads shut down businesses and cause traffic delays. All these towns should pass an ordinance. Why do you need to march in the streets.

  9. Yes protest in parks for now on. We need to stop all the bull shit.

  10. Been hearing there is a fuel station in the next State over that could be under attack from some Protester’s saying they are Mad at the Police ,,, perhap’s I can get a freedom fighter a Gun and send him there to Protect it from their Violent word’s !!

  11. They should also Bill the organizers of RIDGEWOOD BLM PROTESTS other than the June events.
    Especially when the cops blocked off the streets for them to march.

  12. There will also be some level of Police presence at any organized event. For a BLM march, you had better believe there will be a large police presence. Why? If you have to ask this, then I can only assume you get your news from MSNBC/CNN or any of the other alphabet news stations. They carefully edit their reports to make sure that the marches are all rainbows and butterflies. Many actually are, but a lot have resulted in violence and damage. Of course, it’s your right to have a demonstration, but those police officers have to be paid for, and that’s the responsibility of those that organize the march.

  13. Oh well, I’m not going to pay anything for this shit.

  14. As much as I detest these nihilists, Marxists, agitators (call them anything but protesters) I don’t think billing organizers for police overtime is a viable solution. I also don’t want these people destroying parks. The solution is what’s called the broken window strategy. Get to the rally early and start making arrests for any real offense, however petty. This prevents any real unrest. This is the strategy that helped turn NYC around in the 1990s. It’s common sense and it works and Ridgewood should use it. And everyone should take note of the similarities between Ridgewood and Kenosha. Both in Democrat run states, both about 50 miles from a very large city and very similar demographics.

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