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Bump Outs at the Intersection of W. Glen Avenue and Heights Road are Nearly Complete

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photos courtesy of Village Manager Keith Kazmark

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the current council initially opposed the public safety work on West Glen, opting to focus on turfing over Route 17 ,but  according to the Village Manager Keith Kazmark  the bump outs at the intersection of W. Glen Avenue and Heights Road are nearly complete. This work effort was designed to better control a difficult intersection, shortened pedestrian cross walks and slow vehicle speeds.

“Bump outs” or “Curd extensions”, a curb extension is a traffic calming measure which widens the sidewalk for a short distance. This reduces the crossing distance and allows pedestrians and drivers to see each other when parked vehicles would otherwise block visibility.

Thanks to Councilwoman Lorraine Reynolds who championed the transfer of $500,000 designated for repairs to the village’s historic Zabriskie-Schedler house toward an estimated $1 million sidewalk project , known as the West Glen Avenue sidewalk installation safety initiative at the budget meeting in May of this year.

The West Glen Avenue sidewalk installation safety initiative was started by the previous Village administration under Mayor Knudsen and halted by the currently council majority of Mayor Paul Vagianos, Deputy Mayor Pamela R. Perron, Councilmember Evan Weitz and Councilmember Siobhan Winograd . Over the years the Ridgewood blog has reported on numerous motor vehicle accidents on West Glen  and the immediate area.

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7 thoughts on “Bump Outs at the Intersection of W. Glen Avenue and Heights Road are Nearly Complete

  1. This bump out was Lorraine’s idea!

    1. why am I not surprised that this ass-backwards idea was hers.

  2. Get it done already.

  3. It looks safer,

    1. Its more dangerous.

    2. just wait until cars start running over the curb on dark winter nights.

  4. The street in the top photo is now too narrow. It is under the minimum width for a two-lane road.
    Can’t wait until the town gets sued after the first accident.

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