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Christmas Tree Pickup in Ridgewood Begins on January 4th

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Ridgewood NJ, Christmas Tree Pickup – The Parks Division will be picking up Christmas trees, with a Tuesday/Eastside and Thursday/Westside pattern with trees being picked up on the Eastside of the Village curbside, not in the street on Tuesdays, January 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. Trees will then be picked up on the Westside of the Village curbside, not in the street on Thursdays, January 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th. Please remove all ornaments and lights from the Christmas trees and do not place the tree in a plastic bag.

Those residents wishing to drop off Christmas trees may bring them to the designated location at the Graydon Pool parking lot anytime from January 4th through 28th, 2022. For additional information please contact the Parks Division Office at 201-670-5565.

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Pickup in Ridgewood Begins on January 4th

  1. Oh hey here we go again. My neighbors will cry if they put it out and it snow’s on top of it. And it’s frozen in the snow.
    ( and how did they get it to there home.

  2. If I don’t celebrate Christmas do I get to put out 50 items for big trash that week? Seems like a benefit that only goes to those of certain faiths. Kidding. Kidding. Just a joke. Calm down.

  3. It is amazing. Take it to the parking lot at The pool.

  4. Tomorrow I’m already taking my tree down it’s all dry making a mess, I’ll bring my tree to the pool. I picked it up at the farm, and I’ll drop it off.

  5. Come on my fellow neighbors stop being lazy you picked it up, you can now bring it to the pool, stop being stuck up

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