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Construction Begins at Old Sealfons Site in Ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, construction begins at 257 East Ridgewood Avenue. The property is owned by 257 RIDGEWOOD AVENUE LLC .  The property will be known as the Enclave . In 2014 The developers of Enclave, a proposed 52-unit luxury apartment building on Maple Avenue between East Ridgewood and Franklin.  At the time it was one of  the four properties that applied for consideration as luxury apartment locations, two are on the sites of former car dealerships; one is the site of the former DMV inspection location; and the final is the Enclave.

30 thoughts on “Construction Begins at Old Sealfons Site in Ridgewood

  1. The effort continues, to replace everything possible in Ridgewood with parking garages and apartment buildings. The remaining buildings will slowly turn into doctor’s offices, and congratulations – you’ve managed to turn Ridgewood into Hackensack #2

  2. The effort continues to build as many parking garages and apartment buildings as possible in Ridgewood. What remains will run into doctor’s offices. Congratulations, great job – creation of Hackensack #2.

  3. I thought Ridgewood was in decline before Covid, but I am now certain that it’s going to go don the crapper even quicker. The restaurant/cafe business in a major part of the CBD, and it will never get get to what it used to be. Many simply won’t re-open due to the economic impact and those that do will struggle in the new post-Covid world. Add to that all this housing and parking garage stuff, and that cache that Ridgewood had is over. The For Sale signs are everywhere. Stay put if you have to, but if you do eventually try to sell your home, you will be in for a shock if you think you’re getting the old prices.

  4. Completely agree with Kruse

  5. Not Rocket Science

    But common sense Science

    Citizens and James called it out HERE!
    VC FAIL .Where is the vc and the earlier dream Team now ..?

  6. Move

  7. …and the schools are in decline too.

  8. “… you will be in for a shock if you think you’re getting the old prices.”

    Good houses on the West side (e.g. those priced at $1+ million) are selling within *days* of hitting the market.

    Check your data!

  9. Bruce… that goes against the narrative for the loonies.

  10. Bruce . . . “Good houses on the West side (e.g. those priced at $1+ million) are selling within *days* of hitting the market” . . . . because they are priced to sell. MANY, MANY of them are selling for well below what the buyer paid or what they could have garnered several years ago. It’s like a fire sale around here.

    Check your data!!!!!

  11. People are moving out of NYC (especially because of the pandemic) and the market for Ridgewood will always be hot. That will never change. However I think High School student friendly lunch establishments would be best in that location. More places for teens and preteens to spend time. Our kids having independence in town is what adds to it’s charm.

  12. don the crapper l’Orange Hombre)

    Its all his fault

    Refer to above

  13. RE :above
    Was called out here 3 plus years ago

    great job – creation of Hackensack #2.

    End of unique Ridgewood

  14. All this development is a result of the High Density Ordinances that passed 3 to 2 during the reign of Paul, Albert and Gwenn. Hundreds of residents came to at least two council meetings to speak against the increase of 12units per acre in the CBD to 35. The garage we have today is a compromise from the giant one these same 3 pushed that would have encroached on Hudson and taken away much street parking. At the same time we were fighting for a less intrusive Valley expansion project which would have been more appropriate for the area which contains two schools,private homes and sits on one of our busiest intersections The main driveway would have allowed cars in increased numbers to exit on to Linwood Avenue. If you have looked at the Valley site on Winters Avenue and the massive construction going on there, you would know that this would have been a blow to Ridgewood if it had been built on the 15 acre campus site.

  15. Yes houses have to be priced to sell now, because buyers are taking on a significant tax liability. How many people can afford a $25k-$40k annual property tax bill on these ‘good houses’? Along with the annual ritual of getting a notice from the bank to put more money in escrow because the taxes went up again.

    For all you Finance people out there, what’s the present value of the tax benefit you lost when property & state tax deductions were capped, assuming you live in your home 15+years? New Yorkers are already face this same tax situation and like us in NJ are taxed to the extreme, so maybe they will be less put off by the taxes than others.

  16. The “cachet” of Ridgewood, which has a lot to do with a vibrant downtown, will be greatly shored up by various new residential developments, within walking distance of shopping and dining. Complaints that, “it should have been this or that other use” fail to acknowledge that owners of private property will only build what there is an economic motivation to build.

  17. Ridgewood hasn’t been the same since the early 80’s. It use to have a combination of great stores and eateries. We even had 2 Ski Shops! The only draw is the train to NYC. The schools are in decline, the NYC transplants bring their pushy arrogant attitudes and liberal voting ways with them along with extremely high taxes and now Ridgewood is reaping the “benefits” of what has been sown.

  18. “…because they are priced to sell. MANY, MANY of them are selling for well below what the buyer paid or what they could have garnered several years ago. It’s like a fire sale around here.”

    I also live on the West side of town. I’m aware of several homes around here that have sold for well above asking price. In one case, a home listed for $2.4 million went to contract within 5 days for $200,000 more than asking price.

    Basic economics: sellers don’t determine the value of an asset , buyers do. And buyers are moving out of the City and paying whatever price is necessary to live in Ridgewood and the surrounding towns. New York City real estate will be in a long-term decline (because many of the things people value in the City are no longer accessible).

    (No, I am not a realtor.)

  19. Frank – True, you can’t push a Developer to build something they don’t want to, but that’s not the point. The local Government and planning boards are supposed to look at the big picture and weigh the long-term effects are before green-lighting a new project. These apartments will require increased levels of Village services, create traffic, and stress our water sources even further – what are the next restrictions coming at us?

    Most important are the inevitable kids that will appear. The Village will realize less tax revenue for those kids than they would if they were living in houses. Depending on the ages of those kids and how many there are, we may very well need to build or expand our schools. Where is that money coming from?

    Any perceived benefit from increased foot traffic is wiped out by the negatives. The VC should not have enabled this.

  20. The fact that city residents are moving out to suburbs is BAD news. They will bring their voting habits and city mentality with them and will accelerate the transformation of small towns into little cities. Fair Share Housing will have a strong ally in this new wave of city escapees. You can say goodbye to old suburban charm. It’s such nonsense. They try to escape a city and then will want a city in the village/town they move into. Sick mentality.
    You can already see and feel the huge change RW is going through.

  21. Average sales prices in Ridgewood haven’t risen in a decade. Yet property taxes – which are linked to tax assessed values- are up 25% over that period. This Council only knows how to spend, and to fund their self interests at that. Terrible! Worst municipal governance in Village history!

  22. To the comment about Valley. It would have been better to have kept Valley with all the pains of reconstruction then to now have so many Valley sites (including main campus) around that can go for sale to developers for new apartment buildings.
    Pretty soon there won’t be much of a difference between Ridgewood in Queens, NY and ours.

  23. You’ve got that backwards Nancy!

  24. We are screwed in NJ due to a few things. The developers know that if they don’t get what they want, the ‘mt laurel’ nonsense is used as a ‘builders remedy’ and they simply toss in the minimum number of affordable housing units and get exponentially more ‘market rate’ units that would have been allowed under the permitted zoning. I have zero respect for our former council members, but depending on whether the developer gives a crap about town, it could be worse. I am not in favor of ANY of these new monstrosities and would have preferred something more within the existing character of the Village. Either way, we are screwed. More NYC liberals with their attitudes, which piss off the long time residents , whether empty nesters, or never used the schools. If you force out these people who do not use the schools, they will sell, and each and every bedroom will contain a school aged child, putting further financial pressure on the schools as enrollment increases. There has always been a historic turnover, as the financially weak move out as soon as their kids graduate RHS. Now that trend will be accellerated. I have not met ONE long time resident who said ‘yay we have apartments, I want to move there after i sell my home and downsize’. NOT ONE. Without exception, they choose to move to a lower tax state, with less nanny government. Knowing that the state of NJ is out to pick their pockets by forcing those who don’t use the schools to subsidize the new families utilizing them, and knowing that the school boards bend over to union demands, they realize that their fixed income is not going to keep up with rising property taxes to feed the unions, so they do the smart thing and sell. As other posters have stated, Ridgewood is still a magnet for the NYC families. We are still regarded as having good schools (despite that reputation being earned years ago, and not maintained) So keep an eye on the horizon, and when the property taxes accellerate, you’ll see an exodus of old timers who subsidize the newbies, and the taxes WILL rise exponentially. Be careful what you wish for.

  25. My wife and I are counting down the years when we can officially move out of Ridgewood. The dems and liberals have changed this village to their benefit instead of putting Ridgewood first.

    If anyone is old enough and can remember how Patterson was in the sixties it was one the most beautiful cities in the state. That trend is slowly happening here. By building all these apartments and parking fixtures instead of putting the money behind the businesses and restaurants it’s only a matter of time until it crumbles.

    Once we can retire it will be off to a Republican state, with a strong police force, and low taxes.

    And by the way, can all you new people please learn how to park at Van Dyke’s ice cream!
    Just follow the signs people. 😕

  26. i agree with you @50 yrs in ridgewood.
    these new entitled people are dragging the town down
    every stupid fucking thing= a new lawn sign.
    who gives a fuck if ‘ridgewood music lives here’
    who gives a fuck if a ‘ridge reader lives here’
    these are the same ftards with the ‘josh’ or biden signs 6 months before an election

  27. As I read through all the posted commentary I noticed no one had the nerve or backbone to call out the School system as it elates to The ever increasing cost to live in the town. Patch recently published the list of teachers in the state who earn more than a $100000 a year and that list is over 10000 long. The teachers don’t need any more help or support they need to give back because they’re killing the town and the charm of the town. That is the truth no one wants to recognize the gorilla n the Room. I have lived in town for 56 years and watched it slowly dwindle away

  28. Actually, that was the “ new” Sealfon’s site.

  29. “You’ve got that backwards Nancy!”

    What do I have backwards?

  30. I just wish they would build Sealfons again. I loved that store. They used to have girl scout uniforms and a nice juniors section. Those were the days…

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