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Construction begins on ramp at Graydon Pool in Ridgewood


Construction begins on ramp at Graydon Pool in Ridgewood
Thursday November 7, 2013, 5:16 PM
The Ridgewood News

A new sloped entryway leading into Graydon Pool will be completed by the end of the month, weather permitting, giving residents with accessibility challenges the opportunity to use Ridgewood’s water park beginning next summer.

Municipal and state officials joined a handful of residents at the village’s historic swimming facility last Friday to commemorate the start of the ramp’s construction. Ground broke on the Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant ramp early last week, and the first drops of concrete were poured Tuesday.

“While I definitely think it took us way too long to get here, I’m glad we’re here. This is an extraordinary moment, a moment that is important to our community,” said Mayor Paul Aronsohn, addressing a small audience that gathered for the ceremony. “Ridgewood is to be one of the most inclusive, welcoming, accepting places. This is going to make us more inclusive and more welcoming.”

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7 thoughts on “Construction begins on ramp at Graydon Pool in Ridgewood

  1. Finally started, hope it resolves what they were looking for.

  2. I will solve nothing while interfering with the enjoyment of Graydon by those who go there. The council is about to pave more of the Graydon premises as well.

  3. …IT will solve nothing… (sorry)

  4. Two to three years this probably will be gone.

  5. no it;s a good thing. so more people can use the site.

  6. more feel good BS

  7. Let’s count ’em, #5, versus people who stay away from Graydon because they keep filling it in.

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