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Election Season : Village of Ridgewood Regulations for Political Signs

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Election season is upon us, with the General Election being held on November 2, 2021. The rule apply for everybody , not just the little people. 

The regulations for political signs are as follows:

Political signs in both residential and commercial zones shall not be permitted to be placed on any publicly owned property, including, but not limited to, municipally owned property, library property, parks, rights-of-way trees, telephone poles, lighting stations, street or traffic signs, tree wells or planters, water utility property, and/or any other such publicly owned property within the Village, including the planting strips between the curbs and sidewalks.

Campaign signs are not allowed on private property without the specific permission of the property owner.

Campaign signs are not allowed to become a public nuisance; for instance, blowing along the streets or sidewalks.

Campaign signs are not permitted to become sight obstructions to motorists or pedestrians.

All campaign signs must be removed immediately following the election.

Please be aware that if political signs are found on public property, they will be removed and not returned to the candidate.

11 thoughts on “Election Season : Village of Ridgewood Regulations for Political Signs

  1. Some towns are doing a way with for sale sign’s when selling a home. It is so 1980’s and tacky. And everything is on line anyway.

  2. “including the planting strips between the curbs and sidewalks.”

    Also known as devil’s strips in many parts of the country.

    Don’t know why.

  3. U own the property put up any sign u wish

  4. The last comment is exactly what’s wrong with the village of Ridgewood this is why people are moving out in droves because these people are moving in!

  5. Zero enforcement.
    RW is becoming Bergen County’s punch line…

  6. They don’t allow For Sale signs in my vacation house community. So much nicer!

  7. Several Kaufman signs spotted that are posted in violation of this rule.

  8. Lots of Vag signs posted in violation of code at corner of N Pleasant and East Glen across from the cemetery.

  9. My kids call the area from YMCA to Village Hall Bidenville.
    No shortage of BLM\Biden-Harris and Gay Pride flags in that area last election. I’m sure will be Murphy signs in every lawn!

  10. Bidenville also full of “Hate has No Home Here” signs. So soy.

  11. I believe Ridgewood had an ordinance that prohibited Real Estate signs in the 90’s

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