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Fairway Market to close Paramus Store May 15, 2020


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, Fairway Market announces it will extend the closing date of its Paramus, NJ location to May 15, 2020. The store was purchased by Amazon in early March and Fairway has continued to operate the location in order to serve the community and preserve jobs.

The closure will allow the food retailer to reallocate resources and maintain operations at the seven remaining locations across the tri-state area that have continued to operate since filing for voluntary petition under Chapter 11 in January 2020.

“Fairway Market is committed to serving our communities and maintaining the jobs for our valued employees, especially in these unprecedented times,” said Abel Porter, Chief Executive Officer at Fairway Market. “We have maintained operations in Paramus following the sale of this location. The closing of the store will allow us to redeploy our limited resources for the remaining seven locations where we continue operations during the court-supervised auction process.” Porter added, “We want to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to the Paramus community for allowing Fairway to be their preferred food shopping destination.”

8 thoughts on “Fairway Market to close Paramus Store May 15, 2020

  1. Well they cut their own throat because the prices were too high. And they weren’t hiring anyone from the surrounding area. They were busting the man oh yes he caught up to them.

  2. Their downfall had nothing to do with higher prices and employing non-locals. The place was always busy. Their downfall was set in stone from the start when they expanded far too rapidly and got too far underwater. Great supermarket but unrealistic business plan.

  3. Guess the six figure pension retired police & firefighters aren’t shopping there because they’re living tax free in Florida?

  4. I tried shopping there a few times. The milk always seemed to go bad well before the date. More importantly I didn’t appreciate the piss poor attitude of the employees from the Bronx.

  5. So true

  6. I Guess the disgraced retirement fund manager Charlie Slime and his family aren’t shopping there because they’re living in the united Arab emirates?

  7. Who are you talking about? Is that you, the disgraced former Village employee who lost the Village a boatload in a whistleblower case brought by FF Kevin Reilly and who lives in his wife’s basement in Florida? Howse your pension??

  8. Who are you talking about?

    I’m talking about Aronshon’s ass hole buddy Slime, the guy who had to leave the the country to find a job because his reputation here is so bad no one would hire him. Who are you talking about?

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