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Firefighters Rescue Passenger Following A Car Crash In Ridgewood

On January 2, Ridgewood firefighters rescued a passenger from a minivan involved in a crash with a Honda Civic sedan, according to the Daily Voice. Both cars had severe damages and were towed from the crash site at North Walnut Street and Franklin Avenue. The female passenger was then transported to the Valley Hospital to receive treatment for the neck injuries she sustained during the crash.

Typically, collisions at intersections with traffic signals or stop signs often occur due to a driver’s lack of attention or illegal maneuvers. Other leading causes of car accidents, especially at left-turn intersections, include speeding, obstructed view, and making a poor estimate of another motorist’s distance. Fortunately, you can mitigate road risks by following a few road safety tips listed below.

Be Cautious Of Posted Speed Limits

According to traffic authorities, speeding endangers the lives of all road users because drivers tend to lose control of their vehicles. Ideally, when you drive at high speed, steering your car safely on the road becomes challenging. You end up colliding with other cars, hitting pedestrians, cyclists, and road infrastructures. Other consequences linked to speeding include increased accident severity and injuries. You also risk going to prison and hefty penalties. Given that speeding reduces the effectiveness of in-vehicle safety equipment, it’s crucial to stick to posted speed limits on highways, whether you’re driving a truck or a small car. Additionally, make it a habit to adjust to a minimum speed when driving through ice, rain, and snow.

Maintain A Safe Driving Distance

Keeping a safe following distance of three to four seconds is crucial for enhancing road safety because you’ll have enough time to brake when necessary. Note that this rule works under normal road traffic and good weather conditions. However, traffic experts recommend increasing your following distance up to 10 seconds during bad weather like snow, fog, and rain. Also, apply this rule when sharing roadways with large commercial vehicles like trucks.

That’s because large commercial vehicles have substantial blind spots. So, getting too close to them can result in a fatal accident when the driver makes a quick stop or sharp turn. Unlike most vehicle accidents, those involving trucks result in severe injuries, death, and expensive medical expenses. Not to mention filing personal injury claims following a crash with semi-trucks or pick-up trucks can be stressful. If you’re a victim of a collision involving a commercial vehicle, seeking truck accident law help is highly recommended. Attorneys specializing in truck accident cases will help you understand situations that impact truck accident claims like vehicle malfunction and driver error. Your lawyer will also collect the required evidence to prove who is liable for the accident.

Eliminate Distractions

Distracted driving is a top cause of fatal crashes on highways, so avoid texting while behind the wheel. Too often, drivers lose their visual, manual focus, and cognitive ability. As a result, their reaction speed reduces, and they end up crashing into other vehicles or road objects. With this in mind, pay full attention to your driving surroundings by avoiding common causes of distracted driving like eating, changing audio, and reaching out for items.

Maintaining road safety starts with you, whether you’re driving a minivan, dump truck, rental truck, or small car. As a general rule of thumb, always adhere to road traffic rules. Avoid speeding, stay alert, don’t tailgate, and cut out distractions.

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