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Former Lt Governor Kim Guadagno Joins Chorus of In Name Only Republicans

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein

Former NJ Lt Governor Kim Guadagno’s ad hominem attack on President Trump, published in the Star-Ledger on November 22, in which she admonishes the President to concede the election despite the fact that Electoral College has not yet met, and ignores the ongoing investigations into dozens of sworn affidavits on voting irregularities, shows how disconnected she is from the party she was once a part of. Guadagno has been MIA in the GOP since her phoned-in and failed gubernatorial run, including this election in which she helped zero Republican Congressional candidates. Moreover, the fact that according to Rasmussen 30% of Democrats believe there was voter fraud/criminality in the election, demonstrates how out of touch she is even with a significant portion of the Democrat Party she is now inexplicably attempting to court.

Guadagno’s actions maybe reflective of deep-seated beliefs and values, but in her letter, she makes a plethora of counterfactuals. In the poorly written screed Guadagno states both that “the orderly transition of power is the hallmark of our democracy and separates us from so many other countries,” and that President Trump is “denying President-elect Biden.” Yet, as Guadagno should be aware, unlike so many other nations our elections are generally above board and when they are suspect, they get investigated. Moreover, Guadagno knows that the Democrat-media industrial complex does not anoint the President, rather a candidate only becomes President-elect after the Electoral College has met and voted. As a former law enforcement official, NJ Secretary of State, and Lt Governor she should be aware of the very process she is now attempting to destroy.

Guadagno goes on to say that “gracefully conceding an election has become a traditional way to honorably bring closure to a hard-fought campaign.” If Guadagno truly believes this, the questions become – where was she when Clinton and the Democrats went on a 4 year crusade against President Trump? Where was she when they pretended Trump was an illegitimate Manchurian candidate under the control of Putin? Furthermore, was plunging the country into a fraudulent investigation of a non-existent Russian connection based on a Democrat funded dossier what Guadagno would call “gracefully conceding” the 2016 election?

Sadly, it may be that Guadagno is attempting to pander to the Democrat-media industrial complex in the hopes that if she once again runs for governor they will go easy on her. Guadagno pats herself on the back for calling Governor Feckless Phil Murphy to concede a race she claims was “hard-fought” but that was really a zero-enthusiasm barely-ran campaign. For example, at a gubernatorial campaign stop in Hudson County, Guadagno had less than 20 people in attendance and only reached out to local GOP party title holders (myself included) 6 hours before in order to round up people for a 4pm work week “event” in the dingy basement of a community organization.

Guadagno does get one thing correct when she states that it is “time to move on.” However, and regardless of the Presidential election, the advice applies to her in spades. From running a pretend 2017 gubernatorial general election campaign; failure to grow the bench of Republican officeholders in Trenton and Congress when she was the sitting Lt Governor; inability over the last 4 years to say no to Democrat efforts to delegitimize President Trump; her absentee status in the last two election cycles in which she chose not to help Republicans get elected to the state legislature or Congress; and what seems to be her current counterfactual and thirsty courting of the Democrat-media industrial complex – Guadagno should heed her own advice and  realizes it’s time for her to move on.

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  1. she just lost my support

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