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Historic Preservation Consultant advises Ridgewood Village Council to pause Schedler related activities

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Ridgewood NJ, Peter Primavera, Jr., a controversial historic preservation consultant likely to be officially hired by the Ridgewood Village Council next week, met with the entire Council for the first time on Monday night, April 4th. During their meeting, which took place at the Council’s televised Public Work Session, Mr. Primavera outlined the scope of his proposed work for the Council after summarizing his educational background, professional credentials, and related work experience.

In no uncertain terms, Mr. Primavera advised Council members that their desire to develop the Schedler property as a recreational facility should be considered as “a project with issues,” primarily because the site is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. He cautioned them that performing historical and archeological “detective work” (his professional specialties) sometimes results in “opening doors” and finding the unexpected. Specifically, Primavera mentioned he is likely to find that multiple restrictions on development and/or use of the Schedler House and/or property exist because grant money from multiple agencies was applied for and accepted.

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Primavera estimated that his initial “due diligence” evaluation of the project, examining all related documents/records and conducting interviews with selected stakeholders, would take four (4) weeks. This “due diligence” evaluation would culminate in a detailed report; a report intended to provide the Council with advice as to “which way to go, and strong recommendations about the design of the project too.”

Perhaps the most unexpected advice Mr. Primavera offered Council members during his presentation was for them to pause all current planning activities related to Schedler. He said: “Stop making drawings [proposed property layouts]. Let me find out what’s going on. Then I’ll tell you what I think can be done.” Also unexpected by Council members was word from Primavera that efforts to obtain all of the approvals/authorizations necessary to proceed with development and planned use of the house & property would take a minimum of 6-9 months from the time Primavera’s “due diligence” work commences.

14 thoughts on “Historic Preservation Consultant advises Ridgewood Village Council to pause Schedler related activities

  1. Despite Primavera’s advice, they have scheduled a formal vote to take place on April 12th for a large multipurpose field with artificial turf. Why pay a consultant’s fees if you’re not going to take his advice?

  2. There minds are made up already.

  3. i can’t imagine how much over his initial $6,800 fee as this is only the initial fee for the first 3-4 weeks.
    …. as he stated he has lots of doors to open which means a no limit upside cost on all the future work.

  4. I understand!

  5. Hilarious if he repeats everything they’ve been told before by residents, Engineering, etc.: NO CAN DO. And likely.

    Will they then write a check and ignore his advice?

    Or is the idea for him to act as if it can’t be done while pulling strings in Trenton so that it can?

    Who’s writing the screenplay?

  6. I hope people are paying attention. This is out of control.

  7. Keep on spending . This is all political, red tape.

  8. It’s All about Paul and his, our hero!!!!

  9. Field Envy, gotta keep up with Glen Rock.

  10. I’m going to watch “Wag the Dog” again.

  11. Listen, this bullshit‘s been going on for 15 years. This is nothing new the sports groups have a lot of power and money. If Valley Hospital was going to stay in town, they would pay for the whole field at the west road. They would’ve said how much do you need. Period. Not anymore. They donated a lot of money to Ridgewood, now all that money is going to Paramus. They donated millions already. Oh yes, and you think it’s done. Thanks again, wait a few years you’ll see what happens to Valley Hospital building start selling your house now if you’re smart. Believe me the top dogs who sit at the table in Ridgewood don’t even know what’s going on. It’s over their head they’re powerless. And it’s too damn bad that I know and I’m not telling anybody schmucks. They know I know. Because it’s all you know at times, so guess what come over and wipe my ass

    1. All of Valley property on Van Dien is zoned R1, if I’m incorrect let me know. When that building is razed every square foot of land should be developed single family.

  12. People just stop, obviously, you have no idea about the political book, they have a playbook and they’re not sharing it with you, because you are nobody you’re just a taxpayer they don’t care about you. I’ve been around a long time I seen heard experienced all the bullshit, in the end, they do what the hell they want. Why would they do anything that you or I want. How is that going to benefit them. This is not about our current mayor or council, this goes back a long time ago. We tell you over and over again that the political playbook is kept in the vault And not in Villa Joel it’s kept at another location this mayor council upper management. Just follow the secret book of secrets, come on now wake up. Have any of you ever read the book on the government, if not, you should. It’s a great book, And listen there’s a lot of smart people in the village, but they just not involved with political stuff, and why would they .

    1. have another drink

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