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Knife-wielding Homeless Man Back on the Street in Ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the homeless man that has been terrorizing the Ridgewood central business district has once again been released  after he was accused of pulling a knife on a couple and making lude comments to young women in town .

13 thoughts on “Knife-wielding Homeless Man Back on the Street in Ridgewood

  1. Are you trying to draw a connection between this incident and that prison bill? You guys post about knife-wielding homeless people weekly. These aren’t the guys that are in prison (this guy would more likely be in a mental health facility).

  2. Lude or Lewd ?

  3. We used to lock up the crazies in mental hospitals.
    That stopped long ago.

    In a few years I’ll be able to say “we used to lock up the criminals”
    That stopped long ago.

  4. ‘Lude, Dude.

  5. How come the “Big Ginormous Garage” comment isn’t here yet?

  6. I see the clueless Garage fan is here.
    The Garage and the low income housing WILL increase crime.
    It’s just the facts of life.
    Settled Science.

    Saying otherwise will not change reality.

  7. Garage was sold be savior of Restaurant Row and Bank site.

    Multi family units will soon fill with
    new families and impact will soon be
    known …Can’t blame Covid forever …
    School impacts will soon be known ..

  8. Ah yes settled science. Who can forget that famous New England Journal of Medicine article linking parking garages –> low-income housing –> !!! CRIME EXPLOSION !!!. Literally groundbreaking stuff.

  9. Pretty soon you will see a shit storm. From all the housing watch.

  10. Can’t wait for the impact on all the utilities. Just think about that.

  11. The clueless garage fan is Voigt. He has officially forgotten everything he voted for.

  12. On the positive side…I think that Ridgewood does an amazing job securing the community. I tip my hat to the police officers who I witness always riding around assuring that everyone is safe

  13. Yea, Barney Fife and his one bullet Crew are doing a fine job.
    We’ll soon be taking the law into our own hands and deal directly with this POS menacing our citizens.
    If anyone thinks for one second that this catch and release shit is going to continue until someone gets murdered your sorely mistaken.

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