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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Art Institute 68th Annual Sponsor Show is available for viewing online, as well as in our lovely galleries. Here is one of the beautiful pieces that has been donated by our Artist Members. All proceeds for this event go directly to The Ridgewood Art Institute, a veritable jewel in our community, that so many of us call home.

Help support this wonderful organization by becoming a Sponsor! It should be noted that ALL proceeds go directly to our beloved Art Institute, as the paintings have been DONATED by our members. The Exhibition runs thru Friday May 7th. During this time, we invite Sponsors to create their personal wishlists. The evening of our Gala Drawing, May 7th, Sponsors names will be randomly drawn and each Sponsor may chose a beautiful framed piece of Artwork from their list. Sponsorships are $275 a piece, or a Premium Sponsorship may be purchased for $400. Premium Sponsorships entitle the participant to 2 extra chances, but only one painting.
In the past this has always been our biggest fundraiser and our most exciting event. Last year’s event was unfortunately canceled due to the Covid Lockdown. It would be lovely to gain some traction this year and capture that magic again.
Bring your mask and favorite Art Enthusiast, and help support this jewel in our community.
We will of course, as always, be following Social Distancing Standards.
This Show will be available for viewing in our beautiful galleries, as well as available online at our website. For more information, please visit

For further Information on how to become a Sponsor, visit our website at

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