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Missing Child at Graydon Pool in Ridgewood Turns Out to be False Alarm

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photo courtesy of the Ridgewood Police Department

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, on Saturday afternoon there was a report of a possible missing child at Graydon pool. The Ridgewood Police and Ridgewood Fire Department, as well as Ridgewood EMS, responded to Graydon pool for a possible unaccounted-for swimmer. The pool was cleared of all guests during the search. A search of the pool and investigation by the pool staff determined that all swimmers were accounted for.

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10 thoughts on “Missing Child at Graydon Pool in Ridgewood Turns Out to be False Alarm

  1. Someone should get a bill for this.

    1. You write this based on the information provided?

  2. Thank God there was nobody hurt. My stomach turned when I saw divers in the water and police officers looking from above. How in the world there is a false alarm about a missing human being in a crowded space like Graydon with many eyes watching? The recovery effort was huge, with so many resources involved. At the very least they should provide details about how this happened. Was there a parent panicking? Was there a lifeguard alerting the pool management? How do you activate more than emergency people and over 20-25 big vehicles after emptying out a pool full of people in a very hot day? The bill for this false alarm must be immense and it doesn’t only involve the emergency staff but also the emotional toll on hundreds of parents who had to leave in a hurry thinking that another parent could have lost a child.

  3. A bill? No. This is what our first responders do. And guess what they would do it for you, too. Thank god this was a good outcome. Geeez. Some people.

  4. Time for a clear water pool…like what Woodcliff Lake did.

    1. go back to action park

      1. Action Park is too crowded, nobody goes there anymore.

    2. A clear water pool is what is needed. Oftentimes Graydon lookes like a swamp e.g. this morning. People are paying high fees to join ramsey, paramus, hillsdale, saddle river concrete pools. With the current setup, cleaning process cannot be 100% effective.

      1. back to action park for you

  5. join the Y

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