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New York State Postpones Ban on “Single Use” Plastic Bags Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

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New York NY, You don’t have to break out that reusable bag when you brave the supermarkets – at least not yet.New York State’s ban on plastic bags is now on hold until May 15.

The ban went into effect on March 1, but enforcement had already been pushed back to April 1. Now, fears that reusable bags may help spread coronavirus has prompted Albany to move it again.

The notice was posted on the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s website, which added that this “does not affect the local laws in New York City,” meaning you’ll still have to pay five cents if you’d prefer a paper bag.

Still Think Its A Good Idea To Ban “Single Use” Plastic Bags



8 thoughts on “New York State Postpones Ban on “Single Use” Plastic Bags Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

  1. It was a bullshit law

  2. Yes it was a BS law, but it made the tree huggers and liberals feel good about themselves and provided them with a pedestal to look down on others.

  3. The paper bags turned us into a gypsy
    Caravan just to get 10 or more items
    Safely into the car no less into the house.Families with kids in tow as you see how much 3 plastic bags on your wrist let you operate in the store parking lot and in your driveway

    Stop Shop paper bags were crap
    Not even a handle loop

  4. Never let a good crisis go to waste.
    Use it to advance your socialist agenda…

  5. It’s the same with all the anti frackers. The propaganda all comes from our energy competitors in Russia and the Middle East. These liberal loons and millennials lap it up.

  6. I’m going to use the plastic bags to wipe my ass. When I run out of toilet paper because people are hoarding it.

  7. TMI, T P !

  8. clearly the Blogs TMI filters were not covering our rears in this case

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