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The Pickleball Craze is Sweeping the Country Along with the Need for New Facilities and Noise Complaints

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Ridgewood NJ, it seems Ridgewood is not the only town to have pickleball issues; mayors  across the country are trying to cope with the pickleball craze. Whether it’s debating court times, or dealing with noise complaints, as the sport’s popularity skyrockets demands for new Pickleball  facilities, and  dealing with paddle-toting attendees at council meetings have become the new norm.

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Reader says If you went to the council meetings, you could see Arohnson and Pucc always had chips on their shoulders

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

file photo by Boyd Loving

If you went to the council meetings, you could see Arohnson and Pucc always had chips on their shoulders about any one and everyone who were not like them or who didn’t kiss their butts. They presented themselves as a pair of self-loathing buffons who perpetually expressed the view that they were better than everyone else, even when you could see they are not comfortable in their own skins. That can be the worst combination in human nature.

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Readers not Happy with the “New and Improved” Village of Ridgewood Website

village hall meetings

This is the way upcoming meetings are listed on the “improved” village website. The current method is inept because:

Meetings of the Village Council, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Adjustment are all mixed together. People want to know about one particular kind of meeting (not “I wonder what meetings are happening, any kind is fine”) and should not have to read through the entire list to find it. Categories (each council or board) should be listed separately, under a heading.

Nowhere does it state that those three groups are the only ones whose meetings are listed. In fact, numerous boards, committees, commissions, and councils will hold their meetings during the same period. Doing as suggested above would make it clear that those were the only ones, because the headings would say that.

Village Council meetings are not identified as such. “Public Meeting,” “Special Public Meeting,” and “Public Work Session” provide insufficient information. Everything on the list is a public meeting. Yet it’s probably council meetings that most people are interested in.

Upcoming meetings should be listed in chronological order, not in reverse chronological order just because some software does it that way automatically. It’s counter intuitive and unnecessarily hard for the user.

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Reader says , the presence of former Ridgewood councilwoman Hauck at council meetings is an embarrassment. Go home

Ridgewood 3 amigos

You forgot to mention that Gwenn Hauck came to the microphone and asked a question that she should have know the answer to had she been paying attention during the meeting instead of chatting with her buddy Rurik Halaby.

And then the FORMER councilwoman Gwenn Hauck goes flitting up to the microphone and asks a question that made no sense. She asked whether 3066 had been repealed. And it had not. And our Mayor had already explained why it was not being voted on last night. Ummmmm Gwenn…..please pay attention. It’s a shame to see you making a fool of yourself. Oh, that’s right, you always make a fool of yourself, nothing new there. Laughing my ass off from my easy chair with my ipad on my lap.

It really is time for Mrs. Hauck’s family to keep her at home for Council meetings. I feel bad and embarrassed for her at the same time.

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Readers asks , who is Communicating with Gwen Hauck During Council Meetings ?

gwen hauck

Gwenn Hauck does not need to comprehend the report. Whoever keeps writing to her during the meetings will tell her what to say. Yes, Gwenn, we see that you are busy reading and writing during meetings, we see the glow of your device shining off your glasses. Your handlers are providing most of what you say. You are best when you go off script and start rambling on about people should all be nice to each other. You need to be reminded that you are one of the nastiest people in the room. Just last week you went after Mike Sedon like a pit bull, no that is a bad analogy, unfair to the pitt bull. You were badgering him and hammering him, just as we have seen you do to Bernie Walsh, Tom Riche, Susan Knudsen and others. Honey child, you need to look in the mirror – you can lecture the crowd about how you are always so respectful, and you can reprimand the naysayers, but in fact you have shown repeatedly that you can be a class-A B*TCH.

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Dom, ” I have lost all confidence our Councilmen (for now) on the public behavior of these matters”


4-8-2015 Public meeting.

This my personal opinion on last nights public meeting.

1. A delay of almost 50 minutes before beginning the scheduled agenda to hear a “personal grievance”statement  by the employee labor attorney for the Village.
2. It was not on the agenda and a matter that should have first been discussed in a closed meeting.
3. Sadly, the Mayor permitted the “employee” to make her statement at the public Village meeting hoping to “clear the air” and be helpful. “which was a BIG mistake.
4. I have lost all confidence our Councilmen (for now) on the public behavior of these matters.

I have been a residence in Ridgewood since 1948 and have seen “many meetings” —  that one was the worse..

Respectfully,        Dominick Nizza ,Robert Street. Ridgewood

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Village of Ridgewood Board and Council Meetings


Village of Ridgewood Board and Council Meetings 

07/22/147:30PMBoard of Adjustment Regular Public Meeting
08/05/147:30PMPlanning Board Public Meeting
08/06/147:30PMVillage Council Public Work Session
08/12/147:30PMBoard of Adjustment Regular Public Meeting
08/13/148:00PMVillage Council Public Meeting
08/19/147:30PMPlanning Board Public Meeting
08/26/147:30PMBoard of Adjustment Regular Public Meeting