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Former Village Manager should be the last person writing a letter in the Ridgewood News about nepotism


March 24,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Wow Roberta shouldn’t be writing a letter in the Ridgewood News about nepotism. After all when Roberta was Village Manager she was one of the reasons tax payers are stuck with a below market value rent lease at the gatehouse. Roberta’s BFF Stacey Antine from which she knows from a Bergen school they graduated from got a fabulous lease on the gatehouse and a sweet contract for her business. Talk about helping a non tax payer succeed in Ridgewood and personally making sure her business is a success. Not only did Roberta help Stacey, Tim also provided services Healthbarn needed during his time with Parks and Rec.

Since Tim’s departure Nancy Bigos has continued in his place assuring Healthbarn weeps benefits other businesses don’t have access too. Such as classes that run thru Parks and Rec that are run at Healthbarn. Village claims it’s a partnership but Village doesn’t share in her profits. After all Healthbarn is still having its own classes during the Parks and Rec classes so who is helping who succeed?

It’s always baffled me how she got such a sweet deal but then I realized who backed her, the past council excluding Michael & Susan who voted against it. Roberta and Tim helped her along the way giving her perhaps inside information when she presented at VC meeting, because what she presented and what actually goes on isn’t the same. Replacing Tim with Nancy doesn’t change anything since she was one of the pack who brought this business to a neighborhood. It’s time to reflect on how much this business costs the tax payers and think about who has the tax payers back?

With Healthbarn violating her lease on several occasions and from what the neighbors can tell not getting fined only shows that they support the business not the residents.
Enough stop supporting Healthbarn and start supporting the taxpayers needs and concerns!!!!