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Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine and Park West Deliver 40 gourmet diners for the Doctors and Nurses at Valley Hospital

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photos by Derek Michalski

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, yesterday Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine and Park West on Oak Street in Ridgewood,  packed up and donated  40 gourmet diners for the doctors and nurses at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood.

Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine owner Lisa Mayisoglu said, “its a critical time for everyone to get together and help each other “.

Lisa came up with the idea after he daughter a trauma emergency nurse in Hackensack ,Linda Mayisoglu told her about the pressures and work hours doctors and nurses are now facing due to the coronavirus outbreak .

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Food Meets Fitness with the Launch of Mediterranean Zone in Ridgewood

Lisa Mayisoglu Preparing Mediterranean Zone Menu

Lisa Mayisoglu of Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine Introduces Personal Training and Healthy Meal Services

(RIDGEWOOD, NJ, July 9, 2015 — Lisa Mayisoglu, Chef/Owner of Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine, is pleased to announce an exciting new business venture, Mediterranean Zone, which combines her two greatest passions, food and fitness.

Mayisoglu, a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant, is now offering personal in-home training sessions, group fitness classes and balanced, healthy meals for clients.Mayisoglu, an avid fitness enthusiast and marathon runner, has acquired advanced training in fitness, wellness, nutrition and weight management for all ages. Said Mayisoglu, “Life is too short; I believe everyone should do what makes them happy. Fitness and food are huge parts of my life and with Mediterranean Zone, I have created a business that combines both. People lead such busy lifestyles and often don’t have time to take care of themselves properly. By offering exercise instruction and healthy, portion controlled meals, I’d like to help people lead healthier, more active lifestyles.”

In-home personal training sessions begin with an initial complimentary baseline fitness assessment, followed by exercise routines which are customized for each client based on levels and goals. Each program focuses on cardiovascular exercise, strength and agility building, balance and flexibility. By
using a mix of kettle bells, resistance bands, weights, Pilates/Bousu/medicine balls and more, Mediterranean Zones’ always-varying routines keep clients motivated and enthusiastic. Individual 55 minute sessions are $100, or ten sessions can be purchased for $900.

Mediterranean Zone also ofers group classes for those who want to team up with others on a fitness journey. Fat Burning, Energy Zone, Strength and Cardio classes include a total body workout in a group setting to boost motivation. Sessions are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 8:00am, 9:30am and 10:30am now through October at the Ridgewood Duck Pond (1100 East Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood). Individual 55 minute sessions are $25, ten sessions $200. Reservations are suggested Tel. 201.978.5384.

Lisa Mayisoglu Mediterranran Zone

To complement Mediterranean Zone’s fitness instruction, nutritional support is available for a complete lifestyle change. Mediterranean Zone meals, which are prepared at Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine and exclusive to fitness clients, can be picked up at the restaurant or delivered during in-
home sessions. The menu includes several deliciously, healthy appetizers, salads, main dishes and sides, each with calorie content and portion size noted. Highlights include:

Zucchini Pancake: Grilled zucchini, dill, onions, feta and warm Turkish spices. 12 ounces, 165 calories

Shepherd’s Salad: garden tomatoes, cucumber, onions and parsley with light dressing. 2 cups, 147 calories

Beet Salad: Beets, romaine lettuce, red onions and feta with light dressing. 2 cups, 125 calories

Salmon Grape Leaves: Poached salmon wrapped in grilled Turkish grape leaves. 6 ounces, 342 calories

Grilled Bronzini: Grilled whole Mediterranean Bronzini. 11 ounces, 330 calories

Added Mayisoglu, “Fad diets come and go. The Mediterranean diet has been around for ages andproven to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Mediterranean Zone’s menu includes heart-healthy foods that taste great and will naturally promote weight loss. Most diets aren’t successful
because they leave people feeling hungry; that simply isn’t the case here. This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle with real food. You won’t find any shakes on our menu.”

Mediterranean Zone is located at 28 Oak Street, Ridgewood, NJ 07450. For more information, clients can call 201.978.5384, or visit, or Instagram at Mediterranean_Zone.

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Coffee With the Chef: Lisa Mayisoglu of Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine, Ridgewood


Photo by Selma S.

Coffee With the Chef: Lisa Mayisoglu of Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine, Ridgewood

APRIL 23, 2014    LAST UPDATED: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 2014, 12:16 PM

Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine, Ridgewood

In 1985, Lisa Mayisoglu left Ankara with her family and started working in restaurants. Seven years ago, she opened her first Lisa’s Turkish Kitchen in Ridgewood. Her husband died a year later, leaving her to care for their three children alone. Two years ago, with the help of her sister, the 46-year-old chef moved locations and renamed her place Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine. The restaurant received three out of four stars from this newspaper. Here, Mayisoglu discusses why Turkish cuisine is good for you, her love for desserts and how she stays thin.

The most difficult dish to make: The dumplings ($18). It’s time-consuming. It’s a little dumpling stuffed with lamb and seasoning, but everything is done from scratch. We never buy anything from the outside. The Turkish kitchen is the most difficult to cook in, ’cause everything is done by hand. I know a lot of restaurants say that, but I know myself that it’s true here.

I make my own: Stock, tomato sauce, tahini, cacik [yogurt mixed with cucumber and seasonings], thick Turkish pita bread. A lot of customers take the bread home.

Turkish cuisine is … Unique. It’s very healthy. It’s Mediterranean. We cook with a lot of nuts, a lot of tomatoes, cucumbers. It doesn’t have a lot of creamy sauces, butter.

Advice for diners: Be happy.

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