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Live Near a Train Station , rent your driveway out for Ridgewood Commuter Parking

Ridgewood Train Station

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January 14,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, and idea proposed by Ridgewood resident Saurabh Dani‎ on the Facebook page “it takes a Ridgewood Village ” and could lay to rest any ambitions of build a parking garage in Ridgewood .

Dani suggests, if you live at a walking distance from Glen  Rock ,Ridgewood or HoHokus train stations, there may be an opportunity to make money.

How about renting your driveway to a village resident or a few village residents if it’s big enough.You can charge anything that’s less than 83$ a month depending on how far you live from a train station, as that’s what the town is charging and is profitable at that price.

83$ a month is 1000$ a year. To spend $1000 a year, most of us have to earn about 1600-1700 a year (pre tax). So this is a good bonus for not much work.. you will just need to designate a specific spot on your driveway and exchange money every month.

We can probably use this Facebook page to create this market place. Thoughts?