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Pickleball Players Seek Sanctuary in Ridgewood Church

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, for months the Ridgewood blog has followed the Village of Ridgewood’s war on Pickleball . We catalogued everything from the troubles at the Glen School courts ,mirroring issues of the 1970’s Tennis craze which resulted in numerous police responses to loud tennis matches . More recently the Ridgewood blog mischaracterized a resident’s sarcastic comments at a Village Council meeting , equating pickleball complaints by neighbors being akin to Central Business District neighbors complaining about train whistles .

In the latest edition of the Pickleball saga , players have begun seeking refuge in a local church . It seems Bethlehem Lutheran on Linwood Avenue hosts weekly Pickleball in their gym Tuesdays 730pm to to 930 .Best to park in the back and enter through the glass doors . The Ridgewood blog is unsure anyone has ever claimed “sanctuary” over Pickleball  ,but given the hostile local  environment its no surprise.

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One thought on “Pickleball Players Seek Sanctuary in Ridgewood Church

  1. maybe put some nice indoor outdoor courts on the property that they want to make a pop up park on by ben and Jerrys…plenty of parking, in town so you can walk to lunch or coffee after. brilliant idea if I do say so myself. and NO neighbors

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