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Popular Types of Whiskey That Might Interest You

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Some people believe that all whiskey looks and tastes the same. Anyone with a trained eye and an experienced palette will strongly disagree, however. There are differences in the way that whiskey is made, and this is often defined by the location. The flavours and textures can vary, and it’s also possible to drink blended versions. 

It may be that you have just started to appreciate this fine drink, and wish to know more. The best way to begin is by exploring the most popular versions. We will now look at each of these ones after another. 

Bourbon Whiskey

The three main types of whiskey you can get in the U.S. are bourbon, rye, and Tennessee whiskey. Bourbon isn’t only made in America, however, but if it is it will be aged using a new oak barrel. The charred container is what contributes to the smoky flavour. 

Kentucky is one of the major areas that make whiskey, although it’s also being created in places like California, Indiana, and New York. It tastes sweet and nutty, and also possesses a caramelized flavour with a vanilla aftertaste. Whilst it will contain barley or rye, bourbon must have a 51% corn content. Once it’s ready to drink, this whiskey will be 80% proof or more. 

The internet provides a great resource for anyone wishing to learn about whiskey. People who visit demonstrate the need for sites that review famous brands. People are eager to find the best whiskey for under $50 and to study the background and history of each drink. 

Tennessee Whiskey

This drink is very similar to bourbon, but it includes a very specific filtering method known as the Lincoln County Process. The drink is filtered through three things before it is aged: sugar, charcoal, and maple. 

Jack Daniels is a very famous tipple, and this comes from Tennessee. 

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Japanese Whiskey

The Japanese were late to the table in terms of whiskey production, commencing in the 1870s at the Yamazaki distillery. It’s made in a similar way to scotch (which we will discuss shortly).  Whilst the drink is bottled here, some whiskey is distilled or aged elsewhere. 

People typically include Japanese whiskey with other mixed drinks or take it with soda. It is usually malt, grain, or blended.   

Canadian Whiskey

This drink will contain rye and corn, but possibly also barley and wheat. It is aged for three years in barrels holding no more than 700 liters each. The end result will have an alcohol content of at least 40% ABV. It’s surprisingly light and sweet and has other flavourings present. The final product will actually be a combination of two different elements: a base and a flavoured whiskey. 

Whilst America produces its three main types of whiskey, three-quarters of the drink consumed in the U.S. will be imported from Canada. 

Irish Whiskey

There are no points in guessing where this has to be made! There are currently around thirty distilleries here. Once again, this drink is created using a wooden casket for at least three years. The end result is a very smooth whiskey that can be enjoyed neat. Alternatively, add ice or put it into a cocktail. 

The four main categories of Irish whiskey are grain, malt, blended, or pot still Irish whiskey. The latter is unique to Ireland, using a combination of malted and unmalted barley. If you prefer something smokier, try scotch; if you want something sweeter, try bourbon. 

Scotch Whiskey

Each bottle will have come from one of Scotland’s 135 distilleries and will possess an age guarantee. The locations include the highlands, lowlands, Speyside, Campbeltown, and Islay. This tipple is made using aged oak casks for three or more years. The contents will include grain or malt. What you end up with is either a single whiskey or a blended version. 

This whiskey has a rich, smoky flavour for a reason. Peat (a species of moss) is burned during the distillation process to help dry out the malted barley. Additionally, phenols are introduced, contributing to the smoky taste. As time goes on new compounds are created, bringing new flavours such as a hint of honey. People find it very suitable for having after dinner. 

Whiskey drinkers often appreciate the history and tradition surrounding whiskey production. They enjoy the different hints, flavours, and textures. Anyone who has tasted whiskey will understand why it continues to be so popular. Why not try some of these major whiskey drinks? This could be the start of a lifelong appreciation for this most excellent of beverages.

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