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Rain Showers Dampen Columbus Day Central Business District Pedestrian Mall , but Parking is FREE

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village of Ridgewood central business district was once again hit bad luck , the Village dedicated Columbus Day to Village restaurants by once again creating a pedestrian mall  . Unfortunately so far the heavens have conspired against the effort be releasing showers . While many like the idea of open air dinning coupled with a walkable downtown , some Village merchants grumble that the pedestrian mall takes away  from business eliminating the quick pick up by making it near impossible . The upside to  the uncooperative weather is that Columbus Day is a legal holiday in Ridgewood and parking is FREE.

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8 thoughts on “Rain Showers Dampen Columbus Day Central Business District Pedestrian Mall , but Parking is FREE

  1. The pedestrian mall DOES restrict access to the other stores.

  2. The blocking off of streets has made it difficult to drive on Franklin Ave. and other surrounding streets amid confused drivers wondering where to park with no help from signs. I just stay away.

  3. Good effort, do it next weekend

  4. Can’t wait until this is over. No town closes a major street for the benefit of 5 resturants. Who thought of that JJ?

  5. Mr. It’s Greek to Me has lots of pull.
    Call it a wrap, the nice weather is over and indoor dining is allowed.

  6. I was fine with the pedestrian mall. Because of it, I probably walked to town to get a beer and something to eat more than I would have otherwise this summer.

  7. I cannot get to the UPS store during these days. Did it occur to Pam Perron that there are some other businesses on the block besides Its Greek to Me???

  8. We told you that they should’ve been doing this 10 years ago. And some said it it will never happen. It’s too bad it had to happen like this. Let’s see what happens when it gets cold out.

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