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Reader Comments on Ridgewood back to School Plans , “Bureaucrats, administrators…they definitely get paid by the word”


“Bureaucrats, administrators…they definitely get paid by the word. No parent will suffer through this mess of information relating only to process. Moreover, the state is asleep at the switch. The districts and the NJEA know this and are confident that any scrutiny they receive for this mumbo-jumbo will end up being untimely and will only be partial. Nothing more than a post-game wrap-up. Therefore, they do as they please, everyone gets paid, nobody gets laid off or rendered superfluous, and the quantity of information absorbed by the students in the form of “learning” will continue to wither and shrink.”

“For years now anyway, the school districts have been self-servedly focused not on the “what” of substantive learning of facts, history, information, theory, proven concepts and algorithms, classic and inspirational literature, proper grammar, the detailed ins and outs or “mechanics” of high-quality English language expression, etc., but the “how” as evidenced by their scandalously loose use of the empty shell of a term they call “process” into which the districts pour whatever suits their fancy. This fall, we’ll see this scam-ridden pedagogical shell game shamelessly played in U.S. school districts at the highest levels mankind has ever seen. Our superintendent will be happy to show us how the big boys and girls do it!”

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  2. What happened to cause high school sports to get delayed?

    Did a team test positive?

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