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Reader says ,”Playing doubles for pickleball differs significantly from tennis doubles”

“I am on the Board or work with a number of tennis/pickleball facilities. Playing doubles for pickleball differs significantly from tennis doubles. With pickleball you have the same 4 players, but you’re playing in a space that’s 40% the size of a tennis court. Due to this reduced space it’s common for players to be within 3-5 feet of each other; and while striving to make the next shot, grunt, talk or otherwise project numerous oral and nasal particles into this reduced space placing their fellow players at risk.
In addition to standard safety practices such as bringing and using hand sanitizers, to play pickleball doubles many clubs have adopted the following rules:
1) Wear masks while playing
2) Bring a ball to be used by team 1 and a separate ball to be used by team 2. Team 2 would not use their hands to touch team 1’s ball and vice versa
3) Players sign a waiver stating that they are playing their own risk and hold their fellow players and the club (or whomever owns the facility) harmless.
These rules are easy to follow and meet the goals of all concerned”

2 thoughts on “Reader says ,”Playing doubles for pickleball differs significantly from tennis doubles”

  1. Little people need to control others to feel important.

  2. It seems only logical that the writer is referring to indoor pickleball courts. If the rules as stated above are acceptable for indoor courts, it stands to reason that they would be more than adequate for outdoor courts (like the courts at Glen School), since there is less risk of transmission of contagion outdoors than indoors.

    Perhaps the above writer or the Ridgewood Blog would share these ruleswith the prevailing Village authority and suggest that use of the Glen School courts be allowed under these same conditions, with the express caveat that, by using the courts, the player holds both the Village and all other players harmless.

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