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Reader says ,”Ridgewood kids should study math and English instead of protesting”

photo by Boyd Loving

“I’ve seen comments on this board justifying recent BLM protests by Ridgewood’s younger people. The argument goes something like this: let them protest, at least they are standing up for something.

That would be an ok argument if the movement they are claiming to be a part of didn’t result in country-wide mayhem, burning of the flag, deaths of many innocents and billions in property damage.

But since these unfortunate things have happened, I don’t see how it’s ok to come out in Ridgewood and stand up “for something.” Something ain’t good enough. BLM ringleaders know what the purpose is. Ridgewood kids do not. Until they get educated about what’s actually going on, they should study math and English instead of protesting.”

10 thoughts on “Reader says ,”Ridgewood kids should study math and English instead of protesting”

  1. yes far more focus on academics and skills needed

  2. Who is the weenis with the cardboard ?

  3. That idiotic sign is so embarrassing for this town. What a jerk. Parents must be very proud of this “warrior”.

  4. Time would have been better spent watching Lord of the Flies.

  5. Claiming our children are misguided, because they peacefully demonstrated for a cause that is not so peaceful in other cities is absurd. Consider the Vietnam protests. Some were peaceful, others were not. Does that mean ALL were misguided in protesting? Clearly, we all have our own opinions about BLM or a whole host of other issues. There is no right or wrong…because we are diverse in thoughts, emotions, challenges, beliefs, bias, talents and gifts. If these young people are so entitled as many have suggested, I assert they wouldn’t care and taken to the streets. Many of you responded that the BLM cause AND our kids (made me weep) are stupid. At the heart of such knee-jerk and biting reactions…is fear.
    As I am entitled to my opinion, I will simply say this to the young people that banded together for a common cause this weekend: Good for you. Whether your parents agreed or not, I am certain they are proud you looked outside yourself to support others. Don’t let people think what you’re doing is political, but change will require political action. Many will label your compassion for humanity as a Democrat/Left “thing.” As if Republican are self-centered and lack empathy. People will try to pigeon-hole you. People will question your motives and people will try to sway you. But like I tell my son every day, “become your own man because Lord knows Mom and Dad get it wrong sometimes and only you know your truth.” Many think it is racist or insane that white people are protesting for the rights, equality and fair treatment of your black brothers and sisters. They will say “the entitled brat doesn’t even know what it’s like to be black.” Well, they are history-impaired. Men protest alongside women during women’s rights demonstrations. Straight people join gay rights marches. It was students that propelled demonstrations against the Vietnam War, not veterans. I don’t have to have a child killed by a man with a history of mental issues armed with an assault rifle, to protest for reasonably tougher gun laws. You get it.
    The 4 pillars (objectives) you introduced to the Ridgewood community are thoughtful and thought-provoking. Ugly truths are scant in our teaching of American history. Our school district would be greatly enriched to have a more diverse group of educators and leaders. Combating racism or ANY prejudice which pushes our children to the fringe of our community is paramount. And of course, providing resources and a platform for our children to safely express anxieties, issues of treatment by others in school or general counseling support are already in place, but should be enhanced.
    This gal thinks you rock. Keep living your truth.

  6. Love the Lord of the Flies reference….reminds me of the Euros that I worked with a few years ago.

    Captain Oblivious should stick to her tennis lessons….

  7. Captain, I appreciate your take on things, but don’t agree on solutions. I don’t think my tax dollars should be spent on diversity training (got enough of that at work, thank you so much). Nor do I think that it’s acceptable for Ridgewood kids to support a Marxist organization like BLM.

    BLM advocates segregation of people based on their skin color, abolition of nuclear family and a socialist economy. I suspect that these bullet points on BLM agenda are just glanced over by protestors, who focus more on police abuse and wealth inequality.

    If all our kids want is to be heard, to show that they are for justice and equality of opportunity, I’m certain they’ll be applauded by the community. In that case, I suggest they drop their gestapo outfits, “sex is cool” signs and “make the scene” attitude. Instead, pick up the American flags, stand tall and match as who they are – good kids. This would be a life lesson for them too: associate with scum and you’ll be treated like scum. Associate with polite, civilized society and doors will open. A win-win.

  8. I get a kick out of all of the nerds who pull their white socks up at these events.

  9. What a bunch of buffoons.
    They don’t even realize that they are protesting in support of their own demise.

  10. I think it’s great that they’re organizing against injustice and speaking out to improve the country. There are many good things for young people to do, and that seems like one of them.

    Some of them do need to work on their clarity of message, though. “Brunch is cancelled” is maybe not the clearest and most powerful chant.

    But in general, glad to see them out and pushing for more equal treatment of Black lives in our justice system and country.

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