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Reader says , “They should also Bill the organizers of RIDGEWOOD BLM PROTESTS”

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“They should also Bill the organizers of RIDGEWOOD BLM PROTESTS other than the June events.
Especially when the cops blocked off the streets for them to march.”

8 thoughts on “Reader says , “They should also Bill the organizers of RIDGEWOOD BLM PROTESTS”

  1. The issue in Englewood Cliffs was that those protests didn’t have a permit, so the Police were forced to react without being able to plan. I don’t know if that’s the case here, but I suspect it’s not and our BLM group followed the rules.
    Like it or not, they have the right to protest, and I don’t think they should be billed if they follow the rules. If they incite violence by their protests or otherwise break laws, they should be held accountable, and I am sure they will.

  2. Those “protests” were about 30 people. No incidents. No violence. They even picked up after themselves. This was not a matter of needing a response from the police, or crowd control, or what-have-you.

    This was an attempt to punish. One that was quickly realized as unconstitutional, that’s why it was dropped so quickly- it was a slam-dunk case for the ACLU.

    Can’t help but notice there isn’t a call for the Trump,whoops I mean, anti-mask rallies to be billed….

  3. Police are present even at routine roadside repair events. Not having police present during protests would be highly unusual. And if protesters demand to make their action routine, that needs to be billed. I’m not even talking about the efficacy of protesting in RDWD – a village far removed from any police related incidents. BLM is wasting time here. Residents felt solidarity immediately after Floyd incident. But Billions of damage and dozens of shootings later, we’re not as generous to accept BLM narrative. And a full body cam video of Floyd acting out like a total d!ck on drugs didn’t help either. RDWD should treat BLM like a terrorist organization that it is. Or at least bill them for police time.

  4. Anon – Wrong. I’ve heard this argument over and over again…nothing happened at this particular protest, so everything is ok, we don’t need police protection. That’s recklessly asking for trouble.

    Intelligent and thoughtful people look for potential risks and do reasonable things to try and reduce those risks. That’s just common sense. If there is a protest or rally, or whatever else you want to call it, there will be a police presence just in case something happens that the planners didn’t expect.
    That’s what the permit process is for – to give the Village advanced notice and allow them to plan a reasonable response. That goes for Trump rallies too.

  5. Just because you have the right to protest, does not mean that it’s free.

  6. “Just because you have the right to protest, does not mean that it’s free.”

    Well this is some bullpucky right here.

    Go ahead. Fill in the blank here with any constitutional rights and try, JUST FREAKING TRY and defend it….

    “Just because you have the right to _______ does not mean you will not be punished by the government for it.”

    I’m guessing that there’s certain things we could put there that you’d be decrying to high holy heaven as a clear threat to your rights as an American Citizen……but you’re willing to put that all aside because the “other side” might be hurt by your bad faith argument.

    For shame.

  7. Yes, Anonymous. I believe that the right to protest does mean it’s free. As long as you follow the rules and don’t incite violence or break the law, taxpayers should cover the Police presence. Clearly it’s not what’s happening here, but poor people can protest too.

  8. Snowflakes get offended by police but the moment they get a scratch they start yelling for police help and 911. Their brain is so complicated. They want to protest and provoke people, possibly damage businesses and harass and if someone answers back they say police allowed “militias” to provoke them. In other words give them what they want and they say you had a bad intentions when you gave it to them, do not give what they want and they explode in hysteria how they are being discriminated against. In fact they don’t need police , they need psychiatrists and a lot of medication. A lot of mental cases out there.

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