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Residents Asked to Exercise Their “Privilege”and Drop Charges Against Arrested Protester During “Black Lives Matter” Protest

photos by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, there is currently a petition being circulated in Ridgewood  to drop the charges made against the young woman arrested for protesting in town during the “Black Lives Matters” protest.

One of the residents promoting the petition said on Facebook, “Regardless of if you agree with the protesters, I think we can all agree that sending this young woman to trial isn’t the best use of the town’s time or money.
I believe that Ridgewood is better than this. Please consider signing the petition so we can continue having constructive conversations about these matters” …oh yes of course you do.

The Ridgewood blog feels the main problem in the town and the country is far too many people never have to pay for the consequences of their actions ie “Privilege” , and is not asking Ridgewood police to drop the charges because “we are better than this”  a form of exercising that , “privilege”, it sure seems that way to us .

In a twist of irony , the petition reminds the police ,”One month ago, the Ridgewood Police Department (RPD) took a knee with protesters to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Yet on July 4th, that same police force arrested Thria Margareth Bernabe, a 22-year-old Ridgewood resident, for peacefully protesting in her hometown.”

As of the writing of this post 1514 people has exercised their “privilege” and signed the petition :


20 thoughts on “Residents Asked to Exercise Their “Privilege”and Drop Charges Against Arrested Protester During “Black Lives Matter” Protest

  1. exercise your privilege, love it and so true

  2. Does anyone know this kid ?

    Was she a New Player ??

  3. We are living in an absurd time.

  4. She should be prosecuted. She was clearly warned by the police and she defied them. Try getting a job with a criminal record. Some kids just have to learn the hard way.

  5. Send to me so I can wipe my ass with it and send back.

  6. Such an entitled privileged brat. She should be tried and prosecuted so she knows how all those “black bodies” she claims to sympathize with. Walk the walk sista. You fo’ real? Accepting the consequences of white supremacy would be an acceptable sacrifice if she truly believed Black Lives Matter.


  7. Wait, what? Didn’t she break the law?

  8. Community service clean the homeless sh$t out of the bus station for 2weeks

  9. If she violated the law, then she should be prosecuted accordingly. She should not receive special consideration because she’s a wealthy, entitled kid who lives in Ridgewood.

  10. How about go back and charge more of them.

  11. I like that.
    Clean it now.

  12. As Zippy the Pinhead says “no law, no law, no law”.

  13. Hilarious! Acts like she cares and protests for BLM, then someone tries to use “privilege” to avoid the legal consequences of her behavior! Google her – she proudly lists herself as an activist, so don’t deprive her of all it has to offer.

  14. Absolutely amazing. She absolutely has the right to protest whatever she likes, as does everyone else. She does not have the right to violate the law when doing so, just like everyone else.

    I hope she learns from this lesson.

  15. The people here carrying their pitchforks in anger should be ashamed. You complain about “entitlement”. But your road rage trumps anything this young woman did.

  16. Ha!
    Now we all know that David above was the one sporting the midriff cut off shirt in all the photos we’ve seen the last few weeks.
    Sporting it Bro.

  17. Once again the Ridgewood Police Dept is tone deaf and missing the magnitude of the moment by trumping up a jay walking ticket. The Chief should resign!

  18. I have seen the entire video from before the girl was handcuffed. Chief Luthcke was calm and clear. She said she wanted no trouble. She outlined the expected parameters for the march. She clearly and calmly stated that if they stepped into the street (not the crosswalks, the open street) she would have to arrest them. This girl defied her and veered into the busy intersection. The girl wanted to get arrested to make a big spectacle. She was wrong. Chief Luthcke was right. Thank you to the Police Department for managing this so well.

  19. The best thing they can do for her IS to hold her accountable for her actions. If she is NOT held accountable, she will repeat the infraction. Sorry but that is the truth. The next time she will ratchet up the actions and if someone gets hurt then what? Also why isn’t everyone then given a pass…just because it’s now a popular movement? BLM is being run by self identified Marxists…check their fundraiser Susan Rosenberg who is a convicted felon, involved with explosives and a jail break. People need to scrutinize who runs BLM, just because it sounds good doesn’t mean it’s intentions are noble. Some wolves use sheepskin to hide their Agendas.

  20. How many Ridgewood High School students were give Jay walking tickets for crossing Ridgewood Ave against the light …. with no traffic.

    All had to go to court and pay a fine

    Guilty, saw the video … move on and stop wasting my tax dollars on political BS

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