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Ridgewood Blog Promotes 2021 “Night Out for Big Foot “ for Earth Day

Frame 352 from the Patterson-Gimlin film, alleged by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin to show a Bigfoot, and by some others to show a man in a gorilla suit.

Reader say the Ridgewood Bog should organize a “Night Out for Big Foot “

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, This year not to left out of the Village Earth Day festivities , the Ridgewood  blog will promote a “Night Out for Big Foot “ on April 22nd .

It’s about where the journey takes you, too — even if you come back empty handed. “I’ve been all over the States and seen some amazing things — landscapes and sunsets and hills and mountains,” Tyler says. “Even when nothing happens, you’re still in the woods. You’re still out in it.” Tyler Bounds

Readers says Recent Sightings of “Big Foot ” in Sussex County has raised the specter that a “Big Foot” could be lurking right in our neighborhood in Ridgewood .

The Animal Planet network’s “Finding Bigfoot” crew recently visited Sussex County to search the rural area for the legendary — some would say mythical — creature who has eluded capture despite numerous purported sightings.

An article in The Daily Record of Parsippany got me thinking maybe the Boy Scots or  can organize a “Night Out for Big Foot ” , lets face it a lttle back yard camping in the summer is always fun , so lets add a search for “Big Foot”.

According to Tyler Bounds, investigator with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) and outdoor technician for Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot.

At night, listening for animal communications — hoots, hollers, screams, whistles, the sound of knocking on wood. Again, he emphasizes the importance of familiarizing yourself with local wildlife, so you can begin to eliminate possibilities with some degree of certainty.

What to bring:

1. Basic camping gear. Bring what you would bring on any other camping trip.

2. A guidebook on local wildlife. This is a must, according to Tyler. “So many people, they hear something and think ‘Is it Bigfoot?’ But it’s an owl. Or it’s a coyote. If you familiarize yourself with the local flora and fauna, it goes a long way toward knowing where to go, what to look for, and what to listen for.”

3. Means of documenting what you think you see and hear. If you end up seeing or hearing something, you’re probably going to want proof. Bring an audio recorder, a video camera, or, at the very least, a smartphone with recording capabilities.

4. A journal. This is serious stuff. A regular notebook will work, but due to the nature of ‘squatching, it’s a good idea to bring a simple audio recorder that you can use to record your observations as you move through the darkness.

5. A tape measure. If you find a footprint you want to photograph, this is great tool for providing scale and measuring your findings.

6. Night vision. Being able to see in the dark using thermal imagers and night-vision scopes can’t hurt. However, as Tyler puts it, “You can put tons of money into buying all the most modern technological geekery things, but you don’t need it.”

‘Bigfoot’ allegedly spotted in Prospect Park


PROSPECT PARK (PIX11) — Video uploaded to YouTube alleges to show Bigfoot — yes, the mythical ape — jaunting through Prospect Park.

‘Finding Bigfoot’ N.J. episode filmed in Sussex County

Seeing Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” episode, filmed for a week in Sussex County this past June, has proved as elusive as the creature itself. But that’s about to change.

6 thoughts on “Ridgewood Blog Promotes 2021 “Night Out for Big Foot “ for Earth Day

  1. I’m in.

  2. Bigfoot is real.
    It’s settled science.

  3. a scam, like ridgewood cares about this.

  4. No they don’t care a bit about this, what do they care about. Because every day it’s something else that’s not good.

  5. Well, Santa Con is a ‘thing’ now, so why not this? And whereas Santa Con involves bar-hopping crowds, this is outdoors and fits the whole social distancing thing. Big Foot is the ultimate Social Distancer.

  6. well whatever it was it walked like Sleepy Joe.

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