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Ridgewood Blog Promotes 2021 “Night Out for Big Foot “ for Earth Day

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Frame 352 from the Patterson-Gimlin film, alleged by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin to show a Bigfoot, and by some others to show a man in a gorilla suit.

Reader say the Ridgewood Bog should organize a “Night Out for Big Foot “

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, This year not to left out of the Village Earth Day festivities , the Ridgewood  blog will promote a “Night Out for Big Foot “ on April 22nd .

It’s about where the journey takes you, too — even if you come back empty handed. “I’ve been all over the States and seen some amazing things — landscapes and sunsets and hills and mountains,” Tyler says. “Even when nothing happens, you’re still in the woods. You’re still out in it.” Tyler Bounds

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Happy Father’s Day from the Ridgewood blog

father's day
PJ Blogger and the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Happy Father’s day to all the fathers . The Ridgewood blog would like retell a short bit of history on Father’s day . It seems the campaign to celebrate the nation’s fathers did not meet with the same enthusiasm as mothers day .

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Jeff Voigt’s change of heart on the Ridgewood blog

jeff voigt

April 10,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, a big thank you to Saurabh Dani for pointing out Jeff Voigt’s change of heart on the Ridgewood blog . If you don’t like “nasty anonymous posters ” , the staff suggest that you and all your coconspirators quit making them. Its just that simple .

Jeff Voigt – two years ago, vs today. One screen shot is from two years ago from his views on the blog. The lead  one is from few days ago from his letter to the editor in Ridgewood News.

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Ridgewood blog Holiday Cocktail of the Day

December 8,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood blog is adding a Holiday Cocktail post to its local news item . Today we start with an innovative holiday cocktail made with the just released Haikara fruit sake. Appreciate your consideration to share with your readers for any holiday cocktail lists you have coming out!
Winter Rose
-2 oz Haikara Yuzu or Haikara Momo
-½ oz rum
-1 oz Lime Juice
-Dash of Simple Syrup
-Dash of Rose Water
-Dash of Lavender Bitters
-Ginger Ale for topping
-Cranberries or orange peel (for garnish)

-Add all ingredients, except ginger ale, to a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake vigorously until the outside of the shaker is frosted and beaded with sweat.
-Strain into rocks glass. Top with Ginger Ale and garnish.
Created by: Nick Mautone

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Where does privacy end and news begin on the Ridgewood blog ?

Ridgewood Police tree crash

file phot by Boyd Loving

September 12,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in recent years this has become a recurrent theme in town , where does privacy end and news begin ?  While we do try to be sensitive to residents privacy needs we sense there is something more afoot than righteous indignation  over invasions of privacy .  In a recent post in a Facebook group:

“I wanted to share with you all a situation I found concerning that occurred recently to a friend and fellow member of the Ridgewood
community this week. During an emergency situation that impacted one of her children, as the first responders came to assist based on a 911
call made to receive ambulatory assistance, another resident of Ridgewood came to the scene of the incident and took multiple pictures
of the situation. While at the hospital, my friend began receiving text…s from other concerned friends that pictures of her, a family
caregiver, and her children (thankfully with the children’s faces blurred) had been posted on the photographer’s private Facebook page
as well as on The Ridgewood Blog.

She asked me to help her get the pictures taken down as she was focused on handling the matter they
were dealing with. I reached out to the photographer and to the Ridgewood Blog who had posted some of the photgrapher’s pictures,
respectfully asking for any of the pictures of the incident that included my friend or her family members be removed (there were other
pictures that were not an issue). The Ridgewood Blog immediately removed the concerning pictures, which we greatly appreciate. The
private photographer refused to due so stating it was his legal right to share the images.

Although I understand the desire to report on the use of municipal services within Ridgewood, I don’t understand his unwillingness to be compassionate at a time when a member of our community needed it and comply with a request to remove personal identifiers of a family in crisis. I tell this story because I have
since learned that others in our community have dealt with the same issue. If I ever find myself in an emergent situation that requires a
call to 911, do I need to be in fear of my picture being posted all around town? Based on this situation, if a person calls for emergency
services and doesn’t want their moments of crisis publicized for all to see, do they need someone on hand to intercede with pictures being
taken? I would love to know from someone with any expertise in this area, if there is anything that can be done in situations like this to
protect the right to privacy.”

Unfortunately  in our view what we need is a lot more local news not less . So we have a few  suggestions we have assembled over the last 10 plus years we have run the Ridgewood blog . While accidents happen and accidents with children are particularly difficult , most readers are very sympathetic to the child  and only wish the warmest sympathies and a speedy recovery. Most people are very supportive of their neighbors.  If it is being suggested otherwise by anyone , you need new friends .

Years of reporting on accidents in the Village has taught us a few things . Most accidents on Village streets are totally avoidable and usually caused by distracted driving or impaired judgment .

No one wants to be caught in and embarrassing situation as a news item so we would suggest residents follow theses rules;

  1. Don’t text and drive
  2. Don’t use your cell phone while you drive
  3. don’t drink till after 5 pm
  4. Keep your speed within 30 mph of the posted speed limit
  5. Shade trees are a precious resource try not to hit them

Boyd Loving does and excellent job covering local events and the Village is lucky to have him . If you do something reckless and stupid , it is still reckless and stupid if it makes news or not .  Remember the next kid you hit may be your own . Looking for scape goats and blaming others for ones failings never solves the problem and only works for politicians . In real life its best to accept responsibility .



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Reader calls out Aronsohn Troll of Ridgewood blog


if you aren’t Aronsohn or Aronsohn based, I’d be very surprised. Municipal tax is as low as they could make it. Everybody forgets that our real money is poured into the school system with its bizarrely bloated budget (BBB at the BOE–can I sell the T-shirts?).

CRAB should be disbanded IMMEDIATELY (as should the horrific Financial Advisory Committee). Both, like other groups, are entirely controlled by Aronsohn. He came to town not all that long ago and saw us as a big sitting duck. He has been carving us up ever since. Could not do it without the help of a tremendous number of misinformed, misguided sycophants.

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Ridgewood Blog Receives a Cease and Desist Letter and Demand For Retraction

Cease and Desist Letter and Demand For Retraction

RE: Cease and Desist Letter and Demand For Retraction

Dear Mr. Patrick J. Monaghan, Jr. Esq.

the Ridgewood blog takes theses issues very seriously .Your unsubstantiated threats and accusations seem a stretch at best .

As you are aware :

Publishing the Statements and Content of Others

“If you have web forums, allow reader comments, host guest bloggers on your site, or if you repost information that you receive from RSS feeds, you generally will be shielded from liability for defamatory statements made by your users and guests under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act(“Section 230″). This important federal law protects you from certain types of liability, including defamation, associated with the statements and other user-submitted content you
publish on your site.

Section 230 grants interactive online services of all types, including blogs, forums, and listservs, broad immunity from liability so long as the information at issue is provided by a third-party. You will not lose this immunity even if you edit the content, whether for accuracy or civility, and you will be entitled to immunity so long as your edits do not substantially alter the meaning of the original statements. However, if you alter someone else’s statement so that itbecomes defamatory (e.g., changing the statement “Bob is not a murderer” to “Bob is a murderer”), you would be responsible for the
content of the edited statement; and if it turns out to be untrue, you could be liable for defamation. In addition, if you add your own commentary along with the user-submitted content, you will only be shielded from liability for the material created by your user, not for your own statements. For more on this important protection, see the section on Immunity for Online Publishers Under the Communications
Decency Act.”

In the case of your client , Ridgewood blog received information from a source that was corroborated by a police report and at lest one witness.

Next in your letter you referenced the well know conflict between your client and Mrs McWilliams .

To paraphrase your own words Mrs Taddei and Mrs McWilliams have a well know history of conflict , that would render any reporting non defamatory since even according to you, only “minimal investigation” would have made us aware of that fact .So the Ridgewood blog reported on what everyone already knows.

As for damages you have presented none at all and according to your own words Mrs Taddei does not work.

As for your claim of “maliciousness “, it would be hard to argue that fact given that the Ridgewood blog approved comments that contradicted the post and took a comment from Mr Taddei  that contradicted the
entire account and turned it into a post that received a similar amount of attention.

Reader Says The encounter between Mrs. Taddei and Mrs. McWilliams contained no yelling or obscenities as erroneously stated

Interesting to note that we were contacted by Mrs Taddei about the parking situation on Bogart on March 15th and published a post she crafted about that very issue.

Recently implemented regulations prohibiting day time parking on Bogert and Cambridge during School hours, Implemented without Resident input

In fact it has also come to our attention that some negative comments posted anonymously appear to be the work of the same posters who under their own name voiced strong support for Mrs.Taddei . We would have to
confirm this of coarse but it does appear to be the case.

Now we get to the “cyberbullying” claim and the “harassment “claim.

1. The definition of cyber-harassment is very broad.

New Jersey’s cyber-harassment statute defines the crime as making a communication online or through a social media site with the purposed to harass another and then threatens another in one of the following

Threatens to inflict injury or physical harm to any person or the property of any person; Knowingly sends, posts, comments, requests, suggests, or proposes any lewd, indecent, or obscene material to or about a person with the intent to emotionally harm a reasonable person or place a reasonable person in fear of physical or emotional harm to his person; or Threatens to commit any crime against the person or the person’s property

No such language exists in the mentioned blog article.

2. Intent is key

Cyber-harassment has two elements to the crime — the action or conduct constituting harassment, known as the “actus reus,” and the intent to harass the victim, or “mens rea.”

Seton Hall law professor John “Kip” Cornwell said the “actus reus” covers a “wealth of conduct” under the statute, but “an individual is only guilty, however, if his or her conduct is undertaken with the
intent to harass or to place a reasonable person in fear of physical or emotional harm.”

According to Cornwell, “if person A sends a sexually provocative photo to person B in which person C is pictured, there is no liability if A was doing so merely because she thought the photo was funny and/or
never expected word to get back to C.”

“As such, it seems to insulate those who carelessly harm others, focusing instead on those who truly intend to cause harm,” Cornwell said. “If that intent is present, on the other hand, the potential for liability is great, in light of the breadth of qualifying misconduct.”

Clearly there is absolutely no evidence that the Ridgewood blog had any “intent” to engage in “cyberbullying” and or “harassment” . And you have presented no evidence of any “intent” or any actions that would meet even the most lenient definition .

However there is ample evidence to suggest that Mrs Taddei and her co-conspirators colluded to engage in “cyberbullying” and “harassment” against myself and the Ridgewood blog .

Blitzing the Ridgewood blog with hundreds of comments many threatening in nature by Mrs Taddei’s supporters fits the very definition of ” cyberbullying” and “harassment” as well as cyberstalking .

Key factors to identifying cyberstalking cases include:

False accusations. A cyberstalker often tries to damage the reputation of his victim by posting false information on social media websites or blogs. A perpetrator may even create fictitious websites or other accounts for the purpose of spreading false rumors and allegations about the victim.

Gathering information about the victim. A cyberstalker may try to gather as much information as possible about the victim by interacting with the victim’s friends, family, and colleagues. In serious cases, a cyberstalker may hire a private investigator.

Monitoring victim’s activities. A cyberstalker may attempt to trace his victim’s IP address, or hack into the victim’s social media accounts and emails to learn about his online activities.

Encouraging others to harass the victim. The offender may encourage the involvement of third parties to harass the victim.

False victimization. It is not uncommon for a cyberstalker to claim the victim is harassing him, taking the position of victim in his own mind.

Many of the above mentioned factors have clearly been met by Mrs Taddei and her co-conspirators as evidenced in this “Cease and Desist” letter  along with the comment section on the Ridgewood blog.

Also this “Cease and Desist ” letter appears to be nothing more a blatant attempt to bully the Ridgewood blog to post only articles in support of Mrs Taddei position in her feud with Mrs McWillaims in violation of the 1st amendment and in an attempt to influence public opinion in her favor.

Finally  ,we noticed the address on the letterhead was to :James J Foytlin 144 South Maple Ave ,Apt C-2  Ridgewood NJ 07450. This address is not my address.It was the address of my long deceased
father and frankly its in very poor taste sending things there and demonstrates clear intention of an attempt to harass, intimidate and bully me .

The Ridgewood blog does not take kindly to anyone telling us what we can of can not post .We also have no interest in getting dragged into a “cat fight ” between Mrs Taddei and Mrs McWilliams.  We hope that
the two parties can work out their differences .

Make no mistake however, the continued attempt by your client and her co-conspirators to use the Ridgewood blog to further their advantage in this situation will be met with a VERY AGGRESSIVE LEGAL ACTION.

thank you

James Foytlin

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Reader says We know there are two or three people who troll the Ridgewood blog and hate every word

kim jong il team america15 0

We know there are two or three people who troll the blog and hate every word. A former deputy mayor. The husband of a former councilwoman. A former fire chief who sent an ANONYMOUS threatening letter to a subordinate. The husband of a former village manager. A dapper little gnome who uses big words to compensate for the total lack of content in his diatribes.

For the few of you it is a simple solution, just don’t log into the blog (but….we know you cannot help yourselves!)

For the rest of us, the blog provides an open forum where we can say what we really feel. And I appreciate that James keeps vulgar language off.

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Reader says I highly doubt the BOE is looking to the blog for guidance. HOWEVER, this blog has been pretty on the money as it relates to Ridgewood sentiment

Ridgewood EA teachers protest

I highly doubt the BOE is looking to the blog for guidance. HOWEVER, this blog has been pretty on the money as it relates to Ridgewood sentiment having predicted recent council elections and referendum votes correctly. Perhaps the BOE SHOULD be reading here? Furthermore, if you look at the Ridgewood Moms and DADs facebook page, most posts about the REA are met with silence. Why do you think that is? Lastly, the losing council candidates had probably 10x as many visible signs as the support the Ridgewood teachers sign. What does THAT tell you?


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Reader says the VOCAL MINORITY in Ridgewood that Aronsohn and Halaby always talked about weren’t so minority after all


Yes, indeed Derek Schnure! Aronsohn, Pucciarelli, and Hauck HATE the Blog and complain endlessly about anonymous bloggers. Of course then we find out that Hauck’s husband was posting nasty comments about two of Gwenn’s colleagues on the council, and that Albert and Paul were posting anonymously all the time as was Roberta.

The Blog enables people to say what they really think, to air grievances, to reveal hidden secrets, all without fear of retribution. Pucciarelli vilified the blog all the time, but he was obvioulsy one of the big anonymous posters. Hauck told everyone to be very careful what they put on social media, and then she blasted people viciously on facebook while her husband was doing so on the blog. Aronsohn touted transparency but then fed total BS to the news outlets, who were too lazy to get the facts and just printed his falsehoods.

The Blog and other forms of social media are amazing tools for the little people. Seems that the VOCAL MINORITY that Aronsohn and Halaby always talked about weren’t so minority after all.

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Gannett buys Ridgewood Blog Arch Nemesis the Bergen Record

Bergen record Newspaper-vending-machine2

photo by Boyd Loving

June 16,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Gannett is adding to its stable of New Jersey papers by snapping up The Record , the Ridgewood News and some other weekly papers now owned by the North Jersey Media Group according to Media Ink.

According to insiders at the paper the announcement came as a shock to the Record newsroom and its already beleaguered staffers.

The 121-year-old paper long known as the Bergen Record is the second-largest daily paper in the state behind the Star-Ledger in Newark, which is owned by the Newhouse family. Gannett, the nation’s No. 1 newspaper publisher, also owns the Asbury Park Press and five other New Jersey papers.The Record seemed tired in recent years and after decades of playing a major role in setting the news agenda in New Jersey with its far left pro union slant .

While it bashed Governor Christie and harped on the tedious “Bridgegate” scandal it may have derailed presidential ambitions of New Jersey’s  Gov. Chris Christie but circulation plunged , reporting lagged and the overtly biased coverage drove away advertisers .

The Record was purchased by the Borg family in 1930. Malcolm Borg is chairman, while son Stephen Borg — leader of the fourth generation of the family in control of the paper . Insiders say Stephen’s tenure at the helm has been a disaster.

The financial terms couldn’t be learned, although the properties have remained modestly profitable.
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Snow reminders from the Ridgewood Police , Ridgewood Fire and Ridgewood blog

fire hydrant

Ridgewood Police : Ice & Snow – Remove It Before You Go

Remember to remove all ice and snow from your vehicle before driving, especially from the hood, windows and roof. It’s the law in New Jersey! Motorists who fail to do so face fines of $25 to $75 for each offense, regardless of whether the ice and snow is dislodged from the vehicle. If flying ice or snow causes property damage or injury to others, motorists face fines of $200 to $1,000 for each offense.

Ridgewood Police :Keep fire hydrant clear

If you have a fire hydrant in front of your house, help yourself and help your neighbors by keeping it clear of snow.

Ridgewood Police : Overnight parking is suspended in the Village

Overnight parking is suspended in the Village. Residents are prohibited from parking on village streets overnight. Please reconfirm but residents residing in the Central Business District are permitted to park vehicles in the Cottage Place and Hudson Street lots.

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A Reminder from the Ridgewood blog : You get the Government you vote for

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

You get the Government you vote for. So all you posters that voted for the 3 Amigos and now posting negative about them let me remind you what your vote did and how it screwed the rest of us. Yes Westside hows your leaf pick up coming along and the high density housing ?Yes Preserve Graydon Group hows the new ramp looking? Yes Shedler hows the house coming along and enjoy the 90X60 baseball field. We are all looking forward to the 5 story parking garage and increase in parking rates and hours. Let not forget the 0% tax increase for two years. Money taken from the emergency fund and the down grade of municipal services . Thank for that. Oh and I almost forgot. Thanks for the increase in the debt service which we will be paying for long after you 3 are gone.


KEITH KILLION 1711 45.70%


PAUL ARONSOHN 2479 66.21%


GWENN H HAUCK 1727 46.13%

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Former Lt. Col Scott Mann shares his Views with the Ridgewood blog on Beating ISIS

Scott Mann Head Shot

December 16,2015

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, What’s the best tool to defeat ISIS? Tuesday night’s candidates in the Republican debate kept citing the same tired approach: “Bomb the hell out of them” “Boots on the ground” Former Lt. Col Scott Mann says, “These are the same tired responses that have put us in danger at home”. The best tool to defeat ISIS is to fight them deep in their own safe haven by leveraging tribes against them.

Scott Mann, is a former Lt. Col and Green Beret. He is the CEO of Mission America and author of the best-selling novel “Game Changers”. He spent 23 years in the Army Special Forces Career involved in Foreign Internal Defense, Counter-insurgency, and Stability Missions. He served in the Special Operations for over 18 years and has been a Green Beret for over 15 years in combat deployments in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan. He is one of the only former Lt. Col’s that is actively still involved in the day-to-day transition of Green Berets from active duty into civilian life.He has been quoted frequently and seen on MSNBC with Alex Witt, Fox News, Fox News Radio, among other high profile media appearances. As a reminder, he is based in Tampa and can come in via Satellite or Skype.

Lt. Col Mann spoke immediately after the GOP debate, along his thoughts on whether shutting down the LA school district was the right move in response to ‘threats’ and what if any solution is there to win the war on ISIS.

His positioning is below:

Recent Gallup poll indicates that Americans are more worried about terrorism than any other issue and more than any time in the last ten years. The San Bernardino shooter and the LA school district closure heightens this concern.

As ISIS taunts the closure on Twitter, there are more attacks to come and they will be ugly.

Tuesday night’s 2016 political debate candidates needed to show some skill in understanding these terrorists threat.

An informed populous on new terror realities will be key to national security in 2016.

The school scare is a reminder of how serious the ISIS threat is here at home.

Every day we spend dabbling in political correctness and equivocating attacks as lone wolf and not that big of a deal gives our enemy to plot violence against our schools, communities and work sites.

We need informed citizens who are leaning forward to better understand how ISIS operates abroad and at home.

Only then can we demand the same of our politicians.

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Ridgewood Blog Summer Sunday Book Review : Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman, by artist Jen Bissu


Review of Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman, by artist Jen Bissu

I had very high hopes for this book. Perhaps that’s in part why I am so terribly disappointed. I must credit Harper Lee’s editors: it was a wise decision to insist that she rewrite this novel, and continue revising it, until it turned into the magnificent To Kill A Mockingbird that we all know and love. There are only perhaps two or three parts of this book that I found actually enjoyable; the rest I grudgingly endured. It had its good points: her vocabulary is strong, and some of the writing is eloquent. Unfortunately, much of the writing in this book is nebulous. There is a great deal of philosophizing, which I found tiresome. Also, most apparent in the beginning of the book, Lee chooses to “tell” the reader about her characters, rather than “show,” as she did in Mockingbird. “Showing” rather than “telling” is a much stronger writing technique. I found the “telling” juvenile, prosaic, and not engaging at all. Fortunately that ceased after the beginning of the book. If I weren’t so determined to read this book for its historical value, having been published some sixty years after it was written, I would’ve dropped it after the slow, poorly told beginning. So I pushed through, and upon completing it, I found myself with an empty, dissatisfied feeling. I’m almost sorry this book was published. I just re-read To Kill A Mockingbird very recently, in anticipation of this book, thus deepening the stark contrast between the brilliance and delightfulness of Mockingbird and this disappointing book. I do recommend reading it just for the sake of historical background, because it is interesting to see where one of the best, most revered pieces of American Literature got its start. I’m giving this three stars, which I feel is a bit generous, but I’ll allot extra credit for the admirable vocabulary.

Here is a video review/ discussion of the book that I feel hits the nail on the head.