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Ridgewood Emergency Services going bye-bye?

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, It is being reported that Ridgewood Village Manager Heather Mailander has opted not to appoint a new Chief of Ridgewood Emergency Services (to replace former Chief Ryan Savaria, who moved out of state), but instead has directed that all Emergency Services personnel now report to Ridgewood Fire Chief John Judge.

Reportedly, Ms. Mailander is not happy about ambulance response times during the times of day/days of week ambulances are staffed by Emergency Services volunteers.  Career firefighters are responsible for staffing primary and secondary ambulances Monday through Saturday from 7AM until 7PM.  Volunteer Emergency Services personnel staff ambulances at all other times.
The staff of The Ridgewood Blog wonders now if the Village Manager’s directive signals the beginning of the end for Ridgewood Emergency Services.

20 thoughts on “Ridgewood Emergency Services going bye-bye?

  1. Linda Scarpa is going to be pissed!

    1. she didn’t help the situation at all

  2. Heard the Village Manager also got annoyed that according to police officers, ES members were routinely using lights & sirens when responding to non emergency calls.

    1. So, the response it NOT to address those misbehaving individuals, but instead cowardly punish everyone. Typical.

      1. Not misbehaving, policy. RES is dispatched by the Central dispatch center the village owns. Current policy is Lights and Sirens to all calls. Village can decide to change that if they wanted. Doesn’t require elimination.

    2. Then she’d also be annoyed to learn that the FD goes lights and sirens to calls dispatched as “non-emergency”.

  3. Who died and left Mailander in charge?
    Hope she doesn’t need an ambulance after hours!!!

  4. Power grab by the Fire Dept. How many more personal will they need to do this? Full time fireman with medical and pension. So is the Fire Dept going to take over Special Opp. ? Will we see fire trucks and personal putting out traffic cones?

    1. Yup power grab by the over paid over pensioned FD . And now vangoor is moving in to keep a pulse on the matter.
      How blind are you people?

  5. We all know how much The Ridgewood Fire Dept like volunteers.

  6. So we guess that’s going to turn into another if I the fire department location..

  7. No, they are going to need a new FireHq along with a Deputy Chief position

  8. Payback for Ms. Scarpa’s relentless bashing of the mayor? Hmm.

  9. That is what these Council people are all about, payback if you challenge them.

  10. The funny part is it ,they are the biggest political hack in town. We know that. Of course they will expand bigger budget, More personnel who cares. They’re going to have more power than Oh departments, they’re going to have a lot of power now.

  11. That emergency service building should’ve been knocked down years ago. The rotten decay that’s throughout that building. What a disgrace. But they’ll knock it down and build a brand new one now don’t you worry, the party bombing will get funding

  12. Chris Christie is the one who puts out the traffic cones. He is available.

  13. Someone should OPRA request response times for paid FD vs volunteer EMS probably not noticably different. Ridgewood keeps their volunteers close unlike other towns. This is about paychecks, that’s it.

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