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Ridgewood Ex-Councilmen Claimed He Was Being Denied Access Via OPRA Requests but the Court Said ,NO

Jeff Voigt Ridgewood Council

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Ridgewood NJ, ex-councilmen Jeffrey Voigt file a complain in March of 2021 called a Denial of Access Complaint with the Government Records Council (“GRC”). The Complainant disputed the Custodian’s extension of time to respond to the subject OPRA requests, noting that she failed to provide a reason for it upon his request on February 26, 2021. The Complainant argued that it was not until he threatened to
file a complaint with the GRC that the Custodian replied stating that responsive records would be provided.

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In laymen’s terms the  ex-councilmen felt his OPRA requests were being sat on and slow walked through the process and he was being denied access to records .

At the May 31, 2022 public meeting, the Government Records Council (“Council”) considered the May 24, 2022 Findings and Recommendations of the Executive Director and all
related documentation submitted by the parties. The Government Records Council (“GRC”) reviewed the complaint found it “defective” and dismissed it .

8 thoughts on “Ridgewood Ex-Councilmen Claimed He Was Being Denied Access Via OPRA Requests but the Court Said ,NO

  1. Once a douchebag, always a douchebag.

  2. Heard that he moved out of Ridgewood? Thanks be to God!

  3. He won’t go away…

  4. He hasn’t been on the Council for years. Can we stop referring to him as “Ex-Councilman” and just call him “D-bag” instead.” Really, it’s more appropriate at this point.

  5. Time for all new top brass.

  6. Jeff Voigt took numerous people to court regarding operas that were filed while he was in office. He claimed he was being harassed and bullied by people that wanted to see Oprah documents of things he had written or done. This included citizens, it also included Michael Sedon who was serving on the council with him at the time. In every case, that is correct every case, the judge basically laughed at him and threw it out

  7. This serves this asshole right. I hope it cost him plenty in legal fees. He is such a jerk. If you look up total moron in the dictionary, you will see his picture.

  8. He Captain Asshole to all you riffraff…lol.

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