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UPDATE : Ridgewood Neighbors Clash With Healthbarn over Busing

Habernickel Park Gate House
May 17,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Healthbarn busing continues to create problems in the neighborhood and now Stacey Antine Founder of Health Barn ,is referring questions to Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld and Tim Cronin.
Neighbors near the facility feel Healthbarn should be answering neighborhood  themselves and not referring questions to the Village .
Neighbors claim the buses are creating noise, traffic and pollution problems in the neighborhood as well  the obvious  dangers to pedestrians, cyclist and school children.
Stacey Antine is currently telling neighbors to stop contacting her  and contact the Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld with their issues and questions further inflaming the situation.
On May 16, 2016, at 5:17 PM, Stacey Antine, MS, RDN <> wrote:

Hi everyone, please take me off these emails.  I am following the lease schedule as best as I can to ensure the safety of the children and make it as seamless as possible for the neighborhood.  I’m working directly with Roberta and Tim to adjust as needed, so please direct your concerns or questions to them directly.

Thank you so much.

Stacey Antine, MS, RDN

Founder, HealthBarn USA

Author, Appetite for Life

Director, HealthBarn Foundation

NEW LOCATION:  1057 Hillcrest Road,

32 thoughts on “UPDATE : Ridgewood Neighbors Clash With Healthbarn over Busing

  1. Those neighbors need to keep at it, be persistent. Don’t take her off the email chain, whatever that chain is. They were promised the buses would take an alternative route through Waldwick and from what I hear they are not. I can only imagine how frustrated they are with this parting gift from the council.

  2. I’m with Stacey on this one. There’s a fine line between persistence and harassment. How many buses could we possibly be talking about here? One an hour? Are these people waiting around all day looking out their windows to get ticked off at seeing the buses? Please find something better to worry about.

  3. It’s a private business, and a village matter. The business does not have to address her concerns, unless the government tells her to. Have an issue with the buses, call the police.

  4. It’s always the shaft with this management team.

  5. Take an alternate route through Waldwick?????
    Are we that snobbish that we can’t have school buses drive through our neighborhoods?
    Are you worried about the exhaust from the lawn mowers and leaf blowers?

  6. I meant to say she is worried.

  7. Promises are funny things. They tend to haunt you when you can not or choose not to manage a process or a vendor to comply with a rule previously agreed to or a safety procedure or prior agreement made.

  8. Do you realize how snobbish you sound? Busses were not supposed to drive down your pristine streets? Do you worry about your neighbors who live near Willard, GW or the high school? You just woke up and realized that busses are bad?

    NJ Transit drives through that neighborhood. Busses are all around you. You are just picking on a business because it is in front of your house. Get over yourself. Change is not always in someone else’s neighborhood

  9. 8:25AM – it’s a simple question of
    1. following the lease terms or not following the lease terms.
    2. The village manager giving a bargain to her friend by charging residential rent for running a business with 12 additional parking spots, parking spots for busses at Graydon (which was not part of the original lease), getting thousands of dollars worth of landscaping and lighting done for her property, giving 300 sq feet or more in property for the garden, which was not part of the original rent calculation of 3700, and allowing permanent change in the house’s structure which will make it non usable for next residential customer.
    Oh, did I mention she got her a 6 year lease and finalized all the pricing and rent before a public hearing on change of use?

  10. Did you just awake from a coma or something @ 8:03 and 8:25? It is a residential area not zoned for business. As part of this shady deal the neighbors were given concessions that are not being followed. I do not live near there and it is not my neighborhood, just another group of neighbors getting totally screwed annoys me.

  11. I am curious what is the percentage Hillcrest that voted in municipal elections.

  12. Yes @8:25. That is the point. You are not upset now, what if that were in your backyard? I am sure you would not mind your decreasing property value at all.

  13. It seems as every area of town needs something to bitch about now you have yours.

  14. 8:56 sounds like Valley. Nonconforming use. The village owns the property, not some benevolent landowner.

  15. Hillcrest voted big time, and guess who won? Hache-Voigt-Walsh. Oh, that’s right, Hache-Voigt-Walsh won EVERY SINGLE DISTRICT.

    Hang in there people – change is coming on July 1.

  16. Well Roberta’s friend Stacy Antine got her lease and all the perq’s that go with it, now she can stick up her middle finger to the neighborhood.

  17. Sonenfeld and Antine, Bergen LEADS class of 2010. Once AGAIN our Village Manager screwed us.

  18. How F’ed up is this. Nancy Bigos email has an away message saying she will be back on April 12. A month ago. Tim Cronin has an away message on his email that he will be back November 30 and please contact Nancy Bigos. And Roberta Sonenfeld is away now until May 31. Ok, Roberta’s makes sense, because she wants to use up her time before she gets the boot. But the other two?????


    Nancy Bigos

    Thank you for your most recent email.

    Please know that I will be away from my office beginning Friday evening, April 1, and returning Tuesday, April 12th, 2016.

    Feel free to contact Administrative Assistant, Marge Anderson, 201.670.5560 or for assistance with day to day operations or for further information. For urgent matters please use my cell phone 201.407.0076.


    Tim Cronin

    I will be out of the office on vacation, returning Monday, November 30th. Should you need immediate assistance, please contact Deputy Director Nancy A. Bigos at or by telephone to the Recreation Office at 201-670-5560.


    Roberta Sonenfeld

    Dear Residents, Businesses and Village Staff,
    I will be out of the office beginning Tuesday, May 17th, returning Tuesday, May 31st. Rich Calbi ( will be my deputy.

    Beth Spinato (201-670-5500 ext. 203) can also address any issues you may have.

  19. People, NJT buses go barreling down our streets all morning and evening, where have you been?

  20. 8:56. Things change. The land is no longer owned by a resident, it is owned by the village. you are lucky that there are not 70 condos on the site.

    Is Hillcrest now a specific neighborhood? It is a long road. People by Glen probably don’t care about Health Barn. It is the residents at the other end who are upset.

  21. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Haven’t we moved past attacking each other after what we have all been through with the last election? Our conversations need to change. There is a group of residents with some very valid concerns and all people can say is “get over yourself” and “find something else to worry about”? If YOUR property value was in jeopardy wouldn’t you want the support of your neighbors and fellow townspeople? I have to say that living here has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Ridgewood is turning into a town that pits one against another. It’s really hard to watch and swallow. Wow. Get some manners, people. And, no, I don’t live on Hillcrest in case you were wondering. Just a East Side neighbor that has sympathy for my fellow residents.

  22. Well, well, well. I have now learned that anything that is touched by the stinking trio turns into garbage.I wish that every decision taken by the outgoing majority be dismissed and re-voted.
    “Councilwoman Gwenn Hauck, Mayor Paul Aronsohn and Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli all voted to adopt the lease, while Councilman Mike Sedon and Councilwoman Susan Knudsen cast the dissenting votes.”

  23. @2:35. There are still zoning laws and the Village should not just be allowed to change land use to help a friend find a spot for her business. Ask the people who live on Hillcrest if they consider it a neighborhood.

  24. @4:23, of course that is the way it went down. Many of us were either at the meeting or watching from home. Concerns for the neighbors was shown, promises made but at the end the residents got screwed again.

  25. 4:12 – I do believe these folks have a right to complain about the process by which this was done; iIt probably should not have been allowed and that’s a reasonable position to adopt. But I do not believe that the property values on Hillside will be dropping because of Health Barn. I do think residents concerns about idling buses are very valid and MUST be addressed immediately through enforcement. But bus traffic? C’mon, it’s literally 5 houses they have to pass to get to Habernickel. It’s kind of ironic that the most vocal opponent supported Jim Albano in his bid for Council (meaning they supported a field at Schedler) so I think they kind of forfeited their right to complain about traffic, lights, noise in a residential neighborhood. If it’s good enough for the Schedler neighbors, it ought to be good enough for the Hillside neighbors, correct? You can’t have it both ways.

  26. This is what you get when you’re not careful who you vote for. Fortunately, this past election everyone seems to have gotten it straight.

  27. When that land went up for sale everything changed. Either the town was going to buy it or a developer. No one was going to buy it as a personal residence.

    The use was changing. You can hate it but that is a fact. The town does not own R1 property.

    If you would prefer condos maybe you could start a petition or grass roots movement for the town to sell it. There are no other choices for the land. There is no rich person who wants to buy it and make it their home. It is a crappy home site.

    The owner did not donate the land so we should not use her name for the field.

  28. people this house is a shit hole. it should be gutted ,

  29. 8:48pm – you are again missing the point. A possible fraud has occurred here. This was NEVER advertised as a ‘commercial use’ for 3700 with 6 year lease – with 12 parking spots + additional parking spots for buses at graydon (on top of 12) + 300+sq feet of garden.
    If this was announced / listed – many other commercial owners would have applied – and we may have received a higher rent for the property for less compromise of the park land/parking spots.

  30. Maybe so @8:48 but developers would have to go before the zoning board, get variances, etc. Let’s see you try to hang a shingle and run a business out of your home…I am sure your neighbors would be fine with it! No permits or zoning issues to worry about at all! Make your sign as big as you’d like too!

    We are deficient on open space in this town…no reason to have a business there…

  31. It’s more than residential versus commercial zoning. Green Acres properties MAY NOT, by state law, be used for for-profit businesses. She needs to get the heck out. When Roberta is canned here’s hoping all her undeserving pals are sacked at the same time or soon thereafter.

  32. If there is ever another property like the horse farm or Schedler, the Village should learn its lesson and refuse to buy the land. Let a developer buy it and build whatever they can get zonned. I have had enough of ungrateful neighbors who use my tax dollars to buy millions of dollars of land which is not not taxed and then whine about getting rid of dead trees and having a couple buses drive through their neighborhood. Enough is enough. The experiment has failed. The neighbors beg us to pay millions for the land to avoid it becoming condos, strip malls or whatever and then 5 years later obstruct any attempt to make the land useful. From now on, let the market decide what happens to any future properties. The village has to get out of this businesses.

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