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Ridgewood Police Break Up “Flash Mob” Disrupting Traffic


photos courtesy of Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police took one (1) individual into custody on Sunday afternoon, 07/26, in connection with an incident involving a “flash mob” group of bicyclists making their way through the Village’s central business district. The bicyclists were initially observed disrupting traffic on Lincoln Avenue in Hawthorne. They then made their way through a residential neighborhood of Glen Rock before heading into Ridgewood on South Broad Street. No police officers were injured in the incident. The remaining cyclists scattered after the arrest was made. A police supervisor reported that the individual taken into custody was likely a minor. He was transported to Ridgewood Police headquarters for processing. Police at the scene did not reveal what charges would be pressed. Dozens of civilians witnessed the the incident unfold and the subsequent arrest.




69 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police Break Up “Flash Mob” Disrupting Traffic

  1. Bring back the draft…mandatory service like Israel…

  2. problem with all the “videos”, about incidents is that they all seem to start at the moment the police react, never shows what went on before or after and half the time no sound. Don’t know if this is all the “bystanders” record, or if the news agencys edit it out.

  3. What were the village of Ridgewood do if the Hells angels ever came into town. Fuck their bikes and have a few drinks and dinner. Some people will be scared.

  4. it is well past time for a generational beat down

  5. A few questions for people who may have personally witnessed this…

    1) Where are these kids from? Based on the way in which they were speaking in that video, I would say probably not.
    2) Did this kid and his “accomplices” actually cause the kind of trouble that one poster suggested?
    (“riding at servers who were carrying trays, riding THROUGH dining tents, riding at strollers, cursing at pedestrians”)
    3) What is this kid’s name?

    If the answer to #2 above is “yes”, then he should be charged and prosecuted to fullest extent of the law. No plea deals. And, to the judge who sentences him: please show absolutely no mercy so that his sentence will actually be a DETERRENT to others thinking about doing something similar in *our Village* in the future.

    Anyway, these kids will likely amount to nothing at all…

  6. Forgot to mention: great job by the Ridgewood Police Department! Please preserve the integrity of our Village by dealing with type of miscreant behavior swiftly and decisively!

  7. parents if you don’t take care of your kids someone else will

  8. Facts matter:

    The kid is from Sloatsburg, NY. He had no business in Ridgewood (except to cause trouble).

    “This minor, and a pack of his friends, rode around Ridgewood on the sidewalks, weaving in between cars and traffic, almost hit a toddler (intentionally, according to the toddler’s mother), had previously done this in other towns while dramatically coughing and sneezing on people,” one said.

    “Some of that mob was reported in Hawthorne several times, driving out into traffic, making people swerve and slam on their brakes to avoid them,” another said. “They physically assaulted several vehicles when the passengers yelled at them or blew their horns.”

    If the kid nearly *intentionally* hit a toddler with his bike, then he should be shown ABSOLUTELY NO MERCY WHATSOEVER!!!!

  9. In the video, the 15-year-old from Sloatsburg, New York, can be seen speaking to a Ridgewood officer when a second uniformed officer comes from behind and grabs him.

  10. Q. Can I ride a bike on the sidewalk?

    While riding a bicycle on a sidewalk is not prohibited by New Jersey statutes, some municipalities have passed ordinances prohibiting bicycle traffic on certain sidewalks. This prohibition is usually posted. It should be noted, that sidewalks are for pedestrians. Riding on sidewalks can cause conflicts with pedestrians and, like wrong way riding, can lead to crashes since it places bicyclists in situations where others do not expect them. Except for very young cyclists under parental supervision, sidewalks are not for bicycling.

  11. I seen the video but that doesn’t mean anything. I wasn’t there. Obviously the youngster shot his mouth off and the police. What was said we don’t know. Did that individual spit on the officer. We don’t know. Before anyone makes comments make sure you know the facts. I wouldn’t wanna be a police officer today with everything that’s going on it’s just not worth it.

  12. Was the kid black . We could not see.

  13. Ridgewood is not responsible for building a bike park for you.

    I repeat, Ridgewood is not responsible for building a bike park for you.

    There are laws for bicycles on public roads.

    I repeat, There are laws for bicycles on public roads.

  14. “Was the kid black . We could not see.”

    Emily Rizzo (of the “Ridgewood for Black Liberation” group) indicated that the young man in question is “Latinx” (whatever that is).

    Anyway, this “Ridgewood for Black Liberation” group is very interesting. It’s a gaggle of wealthy Caucasian kids from Ridgewood demanding “social justice”. Her group incites violence and crime (allegedly!), then has the *audacity* to call for the firing of the police officers who properly arrested this trouble-making “Latinx”.

    This (appears to be) Emily Rizzo:

    Oh, Emily. You probably want to spend your free time on more productive matters (education, employment, etc.) — not Antifa-inspired theatrics.

    Why don’t we stop all of this protesting *nonsense* and return peace and civility to our wonderful Village?

  15. School needs to reopen. Kids will be kids and cause trouble.

  16. The beauty of this all – the RPD got the gang Leader punk with the fat orange color bike wheels – coming head on at my stopped car,then did wheelies inches next to my car last week! remember those orange tires up in air flying by within inches on my driver side window! Another biker in gang followed suit with wheelie, almost lost his balance thought he was going to come thru my windshield but righted it.Others rode around both sides of my car going the wrong way.

    By the way, seen in video, another guy (gang?) ran up to pick up LEADERS bike laying on sidewalk with those orange fat tires. Hope it got impounded. I’d be a happy woman to flatten those tires and take a sledge hammer to bike.

  17. He’s walking away, nuff said.

  18. I heard one of the witnesses say that this kid cried like a bitch after he was put into the police car. So funny!

  19. Can we have a moment of sanity please- this is not about race, I support progressive causes but this wild, obnoxious group nearly road my 8 year old son and I off the Bergen County Bike Path this week. We are simply looking for common decency.

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