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Tap into Ridgewood Editor Democratic Operative and Former Paul Vagianos Campaign Manager

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, many readers of this blog have remarked over the recent interest of “Tap into Ridgewood”  news source . The publication seems extremely biased again the current Village of Ridgewood Mayor  Susan Knudsen and seems to promote all things Councilwomen Pam Perron and candidate  Paul Vagianos . While the Perron love fest seems to have died out ,the nonstop promotion of Vagianos has not.

So what is the TAP , right from their website from there website ,” is a network of more than 90 franchised online local and subject matter news sites in New Jersey, New York and Florida, with more than 15,000,000 readers during the past year. Each site is franchised to a local owner/publisher and provides original objective daily local news reporting.  Current franchisees include business and business development executives, journalists, public relations professionals, hardcopy newspapers, nonprofits and universities.”

Franchised , interesting the Ridgewood blog looked into a similar idea ,but for various reasons decided against it . According to the site Sleek News LLC is the franchisee for Ridgewood and the editor is a gentlemen named Jason DeAlessi . Well that’s interesting because Jason DeAlessi  bills himself as a ” Political Operative & Entrepreneur ” and is currently a  Managing Director of Fuerza Strategy Group which amazingly enough designed the website and managed the campaign for Duch, Vagianos and Ordway for NJ Legislature . Yes you read that right the editor of the TAP for Ridgewood is a Democratic operative who ran Paul Vagianos last New Jersey Assembly campaign . In fact if you take a look at the Fuerza site Vagianos still makes a few cameos.

15 thoughts on “Tap into Ridgewood Editor Democratic Operative and Former Paul Vagianos Campaign Manager

  1. Skunk !

  2. That smiles just exudes EVIL

  3. His current campaign manager also works for Jason.

  4. Oh I had assumed that we had a real alternative for the rag.
    If tap into was created to promote vagianos and Dems then we are doomed.
    Let’s see if they issue a correction after reading this article. If they do then there is some credibility, else, add them to the blocked list for one sided reporting.

  5. Soooo he’s an even bigger slime bag than we thought.

  6. S C U M B A G

  7. Another reason not to vote for him

  8. Vote for Hooban. Do not let him get into office

  9. Jason DeAlessi Tapinto Ridgewood owner

    Jason DeAlessi Fuerza strategy group, , 2 Kiel Ave , Unit, 195 Kinnelon NJ

    Donna Abene joins Fuerza Strategy Group,, 2/21/19

    Vagianos ELEC form, Donna Abene treasurer, 2 Kiel Ave, Unit 195 Kinnelon

    Tapinto Ridgewood Hooban Hit piece covered in “vote Vagianos” campaign ads

    This cannot end well.

  10. DeAlessi is currently working on Vagianos campaign.

    Will Jason DeAlessi’s Tapinto Ridgewood report on Vagianos direct involvement in fabricating lies and the 2018 mail piece calling Mayor knudsen an antisemitic?

  11. Mike Sedon is in bed with Vagianos. Why?

  12. Dominion voting machines….uh oh….

  13. Tap into Ridgewood is o/o by Jason DeAlessi. DeAlessi also owns Fuerza Strategy LLC. Fuerza Strategy was Paul’s previous PR firm. Fuerza Strategy employs Donna Abene who is th Treasure of Paul’s campaign. Paul’s campaign is being managed out of Fuerza Strategy’s Kinnelon offices . There are no dots to connect here; it’s a direct line from Tap into Ridgewood to Paul’s campaign. They are one and the same. Sleazy not to say this upfront. Tap into Ridgewood has been doing opposition pieces on the current Council, Hooban , etc. Clearly, this is being directed by the pro-garage, pro high density housing crowd (the Paulie’s, Rurik, Siobhan, etc). It’s all a matter of public record on the internet. Not hard to find this out.

  14. Tap into Ridgewood was launched in mid-March 2021 by Paul’s PR firm. Coincidence? I think not.

  15. Jason is on the board of the NJ LWV whos members in Ridgewood include JJ, SCW and other progressives and democrats. The questions at the LWV debate were slanted towards Paul and left Ms. Hooban to be on the defensive. The majority of questions were pre-submitted and not anonymous so they picked lame topics like hybrid meetings, pickleball, trees, old financial committees, flags …. nothing tangible because Paul has no idea how to implement local projects for the residents – he’s hyper focused on the businesses and landlords. His fund raiser at Pearl included all the top brass within BC. Non Partisan you say?

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