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The “Kook Fringe” Doubles Down on Support for Village Council Candidate Paul Vagianos

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, last week Glen Rock council discussed removing Good Friday as a holiday. The same  “kook fringe “ under the banner of JOLT has endorsed “take a knee” , Village Council Candidate Paul Vagianos.

While endorsing Candidate Paul Vagianos JOLT claims “falsehoods” are being disseminated about Vagianos , (like what?) and then they attempt to hide behind the veil of “civility ” and “honesty” . Where have we heard that before?

Frankly anyone who is successful and so ungrateful as to “take a knee” is not suited nor qualified for public office .

19 thoughts on “The “Kook Fringe” Doubles Down on Support for Village Council Candidate Paul Vagianos

  1. The company you keep. The most vocal supporters of The Vag have been on the wrong side of every issue in this town for the past 10 years. Those JOLT ladies are a special kind of crazy.

  2. What she didn’t endorse Mike sedon

  3. I proudly endorse Jack Ciattarelli and all NJ Republican candidates.
    Because I’m not fond of Murphy giving our hard earned tax dollars to illegal aliens ($40 million so far). And I’m not happy that Murphy had 4 years to get property taxes under control and he ignored it so he could pursue his radical agenda.

    Dump Murphy. And dump his cronies in the legislature. Or become poor.

  4. JOLT agenda is to just destroy the fabric of our society. They only oppose oppose oppose. They have nothing positive to contribute.
    Rep Gotthimer is doing his best to bring fed dollars back to NJ for infrastructure projects and these JOLT ladies are trying to pull him down.
    They have increased Glen Rock taxes to above 3%. Earlier they advocated to remove Columbus day holiday and now advocating to remove Good Friday!
    Vote for anyone that is not supported by JOLT.
    If Paul Vagianos is running on JOLT platform, run run run away from him. He is going to destroy Ridgewood.
    Mike Sedon is a good man and moderate and that’s why he did not get their endorsement. Vote for Sedon and stay away from Vagianos.

  5. Someone hung a Vag flyer on my front door handle while we were eating dinner last night.

    We have to beat this little vampire.

  6. I even see Vag signs in Glen Rock.

    Actually, I learn a lot more about Glen Rock here than anywhere else.

  7. Kaufman and Mahmoud- priorities are diversity-equity and inclusion! I want board members who support education -not government indoctrination

    Do we have to worry about safety of female students in our schools with boys in dresses who want to use the ladies room?

    Elections have consequences.

  8. yes you are correct – religious holidays – new religious (diverse) text in curriculum – that’s all Mahmood wants.

  9. Oh my god people.
    Mahmoud and Kaufman rep inclusion!?? Ok. Then you wake up.

  10. JOLT is not just “ladies.” Take a look.

  11. It’s so disrespectful to take a knee,

  12. Do you remember when the chief of police took a knee, remember that oh my god so sickening. We heard the police department were very pissed off over that.

  13. Jolt org is insignificant. The 15 minutes r up.

  14. Wasn’t vagianos behind the 2018 Harwin campaign mailer implying knudsen was anti-Semitic. Now he and his supporters pulling anti-Semitic card on Hooban. Vagianos team circulating links to Bender’s hate-filled bs. Talk aboit a set up. The same bunch criticizing Hooban about mudslinging.

    Anyone one have a copy of the 2018 anti-Semitic Harwin mailer?

  15. What a mistake that was for many individuals for taking a knee. One way or another. You don’t need to take a nap if you have something to say you can say it you have your right to freedom of speech.

  16. Terrible bunch and mr vagianos will be elected to move there agenda. Common knowledge about his involvement with harwin campaign

    Wolf in sheep clothing

  17. The voters have to ask themselves why 66 year old Vagianos suddenly has an interest in town politics.

    Why ?

  18. Hooban has vocally said you stand for the flag salute. Any thing else is not acceptable.
    She ans I have spoken about this at events with kids. We don’t always agree on local issues but she’s adamant about respect for our country.

  19. Vagianos just sent out a text message asking for votes. Where did he get the cell phone numbers? I didn’t give mine to him

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