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The Ridgewood Police Warn of a Significant Uptick in reports of Fraud Schemes

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Police Department has seen a significant uptick in reports of fraud involving identify theft and scam schemes (phone, email, and in-person). We recommend that all our residents stay vigilant by monitoring their credit activity and to use extreme caution when dealing with parties attempting to receive a payment for any purpose. Before sending any payment, it is recommended to confirm with the company or agency directly if there is in fact a balance due.

Requests for payment by gift cards, wire transfers, or with bitcoin currency have, in our experience, almost always been the request of a scam/fraud scheme. Most financial institutions, federal/state government agencies, and utility companies have resources to help prevent yourself from becoming a victim of fraud.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is another valuable resource for those who are a victim of fraud or are looking for ways to prevent themselves from becoming one. Common scam tactics include: cash flip scams asking for a cash payment in exchange for a larger one later; pet-deposit scams offering rare and exotic pets for a lower than normal price with a deposit up front; apartment/real estate scams promising to hold a property with a deposit but the property does not exist; online purchase scams offering items for sale and requesting payment through cash apps before the item is received; a person claiming to represent a jailed family member in need of money for bail; utility companies, financial institutions, or government agencies requesting payment in non-traditional ways (gift cards, cash, venom, etc).

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4 thoughts on “The Ridgewood Police Warn of a Significant Uptick in reports of Fraud Schemes

  1. I got one the other day from someone pretending to be from the RedCross. They wanted me to take pics of my multi-vitamin bottle. Strange stuff.

  2. Be careful the scumbags from overseas know how to spoof caller ID as well as the usual fake emails

  3. Linda S. quite on this issue?

  4. The common sense quotient has dropped significantly in Ridgewood over the years, You can tell by historical changes in voting patterns.

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