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The Ridgewood Recycling Center, located on East Glen Avenue, behind the Ridgewood Fire Headquarters, is open


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Ridgewood Recycling Center, located on East Glen Avenue, behind the Ridgewood Fire Headquarters, is open.  Please place all recycling in the trunk of your vehicle (to maintain social distancing) so that our employees can take it out and place it into the proper roll-off container for you.  All yardwaste must be in a container or in biodegradable paper bags and all twigs/branches must be bundled and tied. We are also accepting cardboard recycling from the Central Business District at the Recycling Center.

9 thoughts on “The Ridgewood Recycling Center, located on East Glen Avenue, behind the Ridgewood Fire Headquarters, is open

  1. Re regular household trash

    Are we done with curbside yet and reverting to Crews picking up general
    Hhold trash in back and side yards

    The Crows are having a field day in front of homes tearing into curbside garbage messes

  2. Don’t get used to it. If the numbers come up again in September with covert guess what the cans are going back to the curb it will be a law.

  3. No one goes rummaging through my trunks.

  4. The garbage men are still to a-scard to come into the backyards…

  5. Garbagemen are paid for ‘task work’ meaning when the the task (assigned route) is complete, they get to go home for the day. So they haul ass with curbside, and go home early. Same BS on snow days.
    In NYC they plow snow. In Ridgewood they go home early and we piss away taxpayer money hiring contractors to plow snow (while we give the garbagemen a short day at full pay)
    There was zero benefit to taxpayers with curbside pickup, unless you want the town to look like shit.
    The lazy residents leave their cans on the curb for days after pickup.
    The mice rats skunks chipmunks and squirrels enjoy a buffet from the plastic bags they rip open.
    The union got a real ‘gift here’ with a 4 month holiday. They better get used to picking it up in the backyard, which is why they get generous salaries, benefits and retirements that are NOT available in the private sector. The only reason we have these employees is because the private carters prefer curbside and won’t bid on rear-yard… so note to union: you are very replaceable at a lower cost and suggest you advocate for rear yard pickup ASAP if you enjoy the pay benefits and retirements that are exponentially more than you would get in the private sector.

  6. give me a break…get off ur ass and bring ur garbage to the curb

  7. No loser. I wont bring my garbage to the curb. I pay Palm Beach taxes here so I don’t expect paterson service. You must be one of the losers who moved here from NYC and like the smell of rotting garbage. You’ll feel right at home when the stairways in the new garage smell like the stairways at the NYC subway stations. Do us a favor, take your NY attitude back to NY.

  8. Seems theres a facade that backyard
    Garbage removal


    These teams hit the street and no backyard screening for garbage near wall street .Who runs this dept ?

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