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Village Council Candidate Paul Vagianos Should Disclose that his Business was PAID for providing “Feed The Frontlines” Meals

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) has released records of the participants in the “Feed The Frontlines” grant .

According to the HealthBarn Foundation’s website :

“Feed the Frontlines Helping Those In Need Initiative is a call-to-action to provide ready-to-eat meals prepared by local Ridgewood restaurants to first responders, community groups and people in need during the Coronavirus pandemic.  During the height of the pandemic in Spring 2020, it was an organized way for people to help feed local healthcare workers, first responders and people in need while supporting local restaurants who have been hit hard economically.   This initiative earned the team the 2021 NJ Governor’s Jefferson Award for volunteer program in September 2021.

Based on the generosity of the public and the success of the initial program, The HealthBarn Foundation was awarded $1M for 100,000 meals from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s (NJEDA) Sustain and Serve Grant in February 2021 to feed those in need in Ridgewood and in Bergen County.  Our mission continued to build momentum to support local restaurants while making sure the most vulnerable populations in Bergen County have delicious, nutritious hot meals on their tables.  The incredibly successful program concluded with heavy hearts in June 2021 as our team knew that the hunger need was not resolved for so many.  The team received U.S. Congressman Josh Gottheimer”s Fifth District Hometown Heroes Award in July 2021.

NJEDA announced Phase 2 funding for the Sustain and Serve Grant, and HealthBarn Foundation was awarded $2M for 200,000 meals to continue to keep Feed the Frontlines and Helping Those in Need powered up to keep the local restaurants supported while providing hot, nutritious meals for Bergen County neighbors in need from September 2021 until January 31, 2022.”

Nothing wrong with participating in this program , however, Village Council candidate Paul Vagianos should disclose that his business was PAID for providing those meals in that program .


32 thoughts on “Village Council Candidate Paul Vagianos Should Disclose that his Business was PAID for providing “Feed The Frontlines” Meals

  1. Ok who paid him. Ware did the money come from.

  2. Where it always comes from.


  3. Seems like it’s all out there in the open – you just shared a link to it. What’s the issue?

  4. The issue is that he was projecting the image that he was providing this service. It’s only now out in the open because someone subsequently put it there.

  5. Saw this note yesterday –

    Dem voters have embraced early voting (64%) as compared to Republicans (23%).

  6. Resturant’s get paid for meals. Volunteers do the deliveries. Weasel Paul gets an award. Wonder how much went into his persona pocket? Paid administrative acts?

  7. I saw one of Paul’s ads where he calls for unity, while he excludes a portion of his would-be patrons. Unity? He is kneeling before his democrat masters in hopes of raising his political profile.

  8. The names of the restaurants that participated in the program Feed the Frontlines are known. The one million dollars was awarded to the Health Barn to enable to provide food for those of us who were affected by the Covid 19 endemic. So much good came out of this effort.
    1. Families were fed healthy well prepared foods.
    2. Restuarants were able to keep their staff employed, as well as their providers supplying products.
    3. Volunteers were able to interact with other people during this time of limited social interaction.
    The program was a huge sucess and this coming year the amount of the grant was doubled so even more people will benefit. Congratulations to all the people involved from Stacy Atine who wrote the grant, to the organizers of getting the restuarants to participate, to the drivers. Well done.

  9. I can not understand why anyone who wants to make a comment wish to remain anonymous. If you feel strongly about an issue certainly you should add your name. Cowards hide behind anonymous,

    1. ever read the Federalist Papers?

  10. Is this the business or the foundation that received the awards and 3 mil? What does the foundation have to do with the lease in the park? I am confused?. Why are there so many grey areas when it comes to the fact that a for profit business is in a public green acre park making bank and some are trying to make the town think that the business is doing all this charity work??? It’s the foundation that is being used as a bank for all the $$$. Paul V’s restaurant was able to stay afloat during Covid

  11. “It’s Greek to Me owner Paul Vagianos, who was also instrumental in designing and kickstarting this program through the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce.
    In recognition of their effort, Commissioner Zur, Vagianos, and the HealthBarn Foundation’s Stacey Antine, MS, RDN will receive the Governor’s Jefferson Award for Volunteerism on September 12, 2021.”

  12. So the tax payers basically paid for the grant and paid to keep HIS business Alive during Covid and somehow Healthbarn got all the glory with tax payers dollars? What about the other businesses in town?

  13. Does the healthbarn foundation hold the lease in the park?

  14. I think the issue is with projecting an image that simply is not supported by facts. Paul had made the entire “Feed the Frontlines” operation sound like a charitable operation when, in fact, it was not. Restaurants, including his own and that of his buddies, benefitted financially Feed the Frontlines.”

    I also resent that he promotes himself as an accomplished attorney; this is a lie. He has no law license and hasn’t practiced in almost 30 years. He tells us he was a “Deputy Attorney General,” which sounds impressive, but it is an entry-level position title. There are over 500 Deputy Attorney Generals in NJ . . . it’s an entry-level title for an attorney in NJs Division of Law (you can easily look this up). He has no cases of significance on record.

    While he may not be out and out lying, is most certainly hiding behind smoke and mirrors.

  15. He not only received this 150K in food money, I believe he is also getting a cut of the management fee.
    Also, his restaurants get hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars from feds for small business covid relief.

  16. Who else gets management fees? What does the lease in Habernickel park have to do with Paul V and the feed the front lines?

  17. Take your award and let us alone.

  18. ..and did someone from the team get a job with the county? What are her qualifications to be on the county payroll (our tax dollars)?

  19. And Ridgewood would never have had a tree without him.

  20. He owns lots of downtown buildings with restaurants. All got money. H3 should disclose all before Tuesday.
    He wont. Why didn’t he include in one of his many mailers?

    He’ll have to recuse himself from cbd discussions and votes. The bar he set is if even a hint of a conflict. Meaning Healthbarn as well. He needs to full disclosure. Voters should vote Hooban if only to elect the nonpartisan conflict candidate.

    Looks like the preliminary list includes

    It’s Greek building
    Bareburge building
    Biblia building
    Pearl building
    Building behind pearl
    Raymond’s building

    All got money from the Healthbarn. Taxpayer money not charitable donations.

    Someone’s pouring an awful lot of money into this campaign. Rwood people better start asking themselves WHY.

  21. How does everyone monetize volunteer and “charity” work using your tax dollars?

    Vagianos made big dollars aND Jeanne Johnson bragging about her new job amd office at one County plaza. Is another Vagianos campaign team member now a County employee? Lots of County bucks pouring into Vagianos very expensive campaign

    Team Vagianos County employees
    and johnson?

    Volunteering is so lucrative. Who knew?

  22. Any truth to the rumor most of the meals went to Fairview NJ? Why would that be? Doesn’t make sense
    Is there a delivery log? Where is the accounting of the program? How do I access?

  23. Yup, there is a Fairview connection.

  24. Fairview connection…read the chief’s resume. Former cop, Bergen county politico, CEO with a HUGE conflict of interest, patronage job taker, friend of pauly v. Now, Is it any surprise that his hometown benefitted from Paul’s doordash scheme?

  25. WOW! So Frank DelVecchio directed meals to his former employer . . .Fairview Police Department? Is that actually true? Can someone actually confirm this. I mean, those guys are making $100K+/annually . . . do they really need a free meal?

  26. Did DelVecchio ever get prosecuted for double dipping while he was Chief of the Fair Lawn Police and doing that bullshit child finger printing gig while on duty? Guy was raking in excess of $400k if I remember correctly.

  27. What’s in farview? Not understanding the connection.

  28. No law license?

  29. From an insider. Fact or fiction? An interesting read

  30. What’s in Fairview??
    Vagianos campaign head frank delveccho.

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