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Village of Ridgewood Attorney Weighs in on the Mayor’s Close Personal Relationship with the Richard Brooks-Chair Ridgewood Parks and Rec

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Pictured left to right: Village of Ridgewood Attorney Matt Rogers, Santa, Mayor Paul Vagianos.

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood  NJ, Village of Ridgewood Attorney weighs in on the Mayor’s close personal relationship with the Richard Brooks-Chair Ridgewood Parks and Recreation Committee, Gail Price-owner of firm representing the famous Zoning Board of Adjustment Billboard Application.

“This relationship doesn’t create a direct or indirect personal interest and/or gain for the Mayor or for those persons involved.”

Document posted openly on the Bergen County Clerk’s website indicating that Ridgewood Mayor Paul Vagianos recently extended a $47K mortgage, with 10% interest, in the form of a promissory note, to Mr. Richard Brooks and his spouse, Ms. Gail Price. Shortly before receiving the loan, recipient(s) (1) publicly endorsed and pushed the Mayor’s favored Schedler plan. (2) sourced a contractor for the Mayor, who was ultimately hired to execute the Mayor’s favored Schedler plan.

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34 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Attorney Weighs in on the Mayor’s Close Personal Relationship with the Richard Brooks-Chair Ridgewood Parks and Rec

  1. You mean more dirty info.

  2. isn’t Matts job to protect Village Taxpayers not the clowns on the village council ?

    1. Nope-he is there for Mayor and Council, not taxpayers. So as long as Ridgewood pays him big bucks, he will continue to bail these guys out of any wrong doing. Like when Paul tried to remove comments from his facebook page with Jason D’Alessi from TapInto as his FB administrator and the ACLU was contacted and they had to put the comments, back. So anything that the Mayor or council does wrong, Matt to the rescue

  3. Matt should have just kept his mouth shut.

    1. Matt drank the koolaide

    2. Lap puppet in matching shirts! This Mayor and his crew are outright dirty.

      1. Not Worried.


        RICH and STUPID

    3. “This relationship doesn’t create a direct or indirect personal interest and/or gain for the Mayor or for those persons involved.” Coming from the man child, wearing matching shirts with the Mayor, while both sitting on Santa’s lap. Is anyone going to report this to authorities?

      1. Which authorities?

  4. “indirect” – oh what a tangled web we weave. It’s all part of the same Bermuda Triangle

    1. How does Matt know whether there was an impropriety, because the mayor says so? No investigation, no nothing, no surprise.

  5. Matt’s responsibility is to the council. Not the taxpayers

  6. Well, wouldn’t be the first time the Village Attorney (Mayor’s pal) lied for his friend to get off.

  7. Matt and Vagianos have more deeper personal relationship compared to Paul’s relationship with Brooks.
    Matt Rogers and Paul Vagianos are often found drinking together at a sports bar in paterson with a bunch of other operatives, who run this town from behind the scene!

  8. Was Gail Price or Richard Brooks responsible for bringing in Peter Primavera to Ridgewood. What a great introduction and the fact that we have to pay this shady as sh*t person with our tax dollars so that he can pass through a sports complex. Of course Paul thinks Gail Price and Richard Brooks are good people because they are helping him to get what his agenda states. Sad.

    1. Didn’t his mother know that some people would always think of him as pasta primavera? Name is too similar.

  9. Did Mayor Paul Vagianos lend them 47k in gold bars?

  10. A couple of lumberjacks !

  11. Matt has only hung on as our lawyer for so many years by kissing up to whoever is the Grand PooBah at the time. Does he have any other job?

    1. 100% correct. He did Aronsohn’s bidding and now he is doing Vagianos’s. He should have been replaced at least a dozen years ago instead of being rubber-stamped annually into a job for which he makes an absolute fortune for kowtowing to whoever is in power, as long as that person threatens to fire him if he doesn’t.

      One day an honest council will find a different attorney and things will be different. He sells us out at every opportunity.

    2. It is a gravy train

  12. HO,HO.HO.

  13. Santa,

    I wish for a giant sports complex and a billboard, pretty please? I haven’t been a good boy, but because I am entitled with a huge ego, I feel that I deserve these things. The sports complex will make all of the kiddies in Ridgewood happy, and their parents voted for me for this very reason and this will ensure they will vote again and maybe eat at my restaurant. It will make me popular man about town. Second and most importantly, the giant LED billboard that Gail Price is working on, will bring me a bounty of wealth as it will direct people to spend time and spend money in our downtown area where I will directly benefit. Lastly, can you make the PFAS problem go away. Even though it is everywhere we certainly don’t want it in Ridgewood water that goes to every home in town. If the kiddies get sick, they can’t use their new field and there will no one to shop and dine in the CBD. Thank you, Santa.

    Love, PeeWee. xoxo

    1. Post of the day !

  14. It’s a game for these guys. They think they can pull this off.

    Riskier the better for Pee Wee.

    Matt’s got the 5th vodka smile on this face….

  15. No! To the billboard! It has no place here!

  16. Given the public comments, Matt should know that the appearance of a conflict of interest, as highlighted by so many, is the issue. The issue is not a post facto analysis of anyone’s financial gain.
    If you play in the playground of politics, it is the management of gray areas that can create or undermine public trust.

  17. Big changes coming across the board throughout the village.

    1. Oh yeah like what?

    2. Furloughs?

  18. Not even interested in what our so-called village attorney thinks or says any more.

  19. The Outfront Media Billboard is being purshed through by Gail Price who was the Zoning Board attorney in Ridgewood for 15 years, so she has experience (and the inside track, if you know what I mean). There is no way that the billboard coming to Paul and Gail is a coincidence-do not buy this load of crap and Matt saying there is no pecuniary money incentivising is total nonsense.

    Her bio on the website is as follows:

    Gail L. Price concentrates in the areas of zoning and planning, representing commercial, industrial and residential developers in connection with land development and construction related issues. She represents national supermarket and hotel chains, developers of assisted living and congregate care facilities, houses of worship, pharmacies, restaurants and other retail chains in securing government approval for the development of corporate owned and leased properties. She is experienced with all federal and state land use and environmental regulations and has represented national corporations in complex litigation on zoning issues of first impression. She has extensive experience working with professional consulting teams on a wide range of Redevelopment projects, as well as serving as lead counsel in prerogative writ litigation throughout the state.

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