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Village of Ridgewood COVID-19 CASES UPDATE


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to Village of Ridgewood Mayor Ramon Hache  this is the latest update on coronavirus cases in Ridgewood  is as follows :

The most recent numbers in Ridgewood are as follows:
Positive: 76
Pending: 1
Negative: 85
Deaths: 3
As previously stated, we can expect the number of positive cases to continue to increase significantly as testing capabilities are expanded.
Please continue to do your part in working together to contain and prevent the spread of the virus by adhering to proper social distancing practices, washing hands frequently and disinfecting surfaces. Be well, stay safe, and encourage others to do the same.

12 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood COVID-19 CASES UPDATE

  1. There are way more than 32 people in Bergen county that have passed away just in Valley Hospital last week 27 passed away the numbers do not reflect this

  2. Is New Jersey a DemPanic Hydroxychloroquine-free zone?

  3. My guess is some people did not het tested who died, whether due to lack of availability of tests or some reason did not meet some type of criteria.either way, i am sure the numbers are higher than reported. Prayers to all those suffering, and praise to all those fighting for us on the front lines againdt this virus

  4. I think all numbers are skewed. This is total BS. Total….

  5. Are you in The medical field.are you on the front lines, until then this is not BS. If you think this is all BS take a ride to a local hospital and ask the nurses. They will give you a heads up.

  6. This is truly heart breaking to everyone out here trying to provide for there families or self . The more we know and more access to all things that defeat this disease and virus should be a top priority . We already know everything is shutdown . Where are the post about getting this virus beat and getting this virus deleted forever . We know the problems where are the solutions

  7. We DO NOT have accurate, comprehensive or useful numbers.
    Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or ignorant.

  8. Agreed, I believe there are many more cases than reported.

  9. The test only identifies if you have a virus. It doesn’t test if you have Wuhan flu or some other type of virus. We’re scientifically lumping all deaths and contaminations into 1 bucket. You judge how scared you should be.

  10. SO FAR this season per the CDC:
    “CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 39 million flu illnesses, 400,000 hospitalizations and 24,000 deaths from flu.
    “Laboratory confirmed influenza-associated hospitalization rates for the U.S. population overall are higher than most recent seasons and rates for children 0-4 years and adults 18-49 years are the highest CDC has on record for these age groups, surpassing rates reported during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. Hospitalization rates for school-aged children (5-17 years) are higher than any recent regular season but remain lower than rates experienced by this age group during the pandemic.”
    “Pneumonia and influenza mortality levels have been low, but 155 influenza-associated deaths in children have been reported so far this season. This number is higher than recorded at the same time in every season since reporting began in 2004-05, except for the 2009 pandemic.”
    So Far:
    24,000 deaths including 155 in children
    and this is in a year where the flu is experiencing a LOW mortality rate
    Compare these to COVID-19
    I guess these deaths are OK since they are not from a new and exciting virus….
    I think that COVID-19 is serious.
    I think that Influenza is serious (and is currently more lethal).
    I think that the reaction to COVID-19 is an hysterical overreation
    (especially when put in perspective to another lethal virus)

  11. way too many people go to work sick it’s ridiculous. Some of us just don’t understand this logic. What the hell is wrong with you people if you’re sick ,& you don’t feel good go to the doctor. get checked out. It amazes us so many people do not go to the doctor to get checked out. This is no joke. Don’t let anybody give you some foolish story. You cannot get fired for going to the doctor, don’t be scared. Especially times like this.

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