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Village of Ridgewood to Crackdown on Unlawful Parking Adjacent to Stevens Field

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Ridgewood NJ, according to Village Manager Heather Mailander, the Village will soon begin issuing summonses to unlawfully parked vehicles on Village of Ridgewood owned property adjacent to Stevens Field on North Irving.

Several signs posted on the property clearly indicate “NO PARKING ANY TIME.”  Regardless of the signage, numerous vehicles have been routinely spotted parked along the property, which has gated entrances on East Ridgewood and on North Irving.

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The now defunct North Irving Street Association bought the property from PSE&G in 1997 to prevent it from being purchased by the Board of Education and transformed into a parking area for Ridgewood High School students.  When the property was acquired by the Village in 2016 via a tax lien foreclosure, there was discussion by the then Village Council about turning it into a park outfitted with benches and a walking trail.  That never happened and the property remains in a totally undeveloped state.

Ms. Mailander did not indicate a date on which parking enforcement at the location would begin in earnest.

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19 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood to Crackdown on Unlawful Parking Adjacent to Stevens Field

  1. Park downtown for 5 minutes over your allotted time and the meter maid is there writing you a ticket. Park illegally all day watching your kids play sports and the meter maid looks the other way. Isn’t that called selective enforcement? Sports in RIdgewood can’t be touched. Is the meter maid being paid off by someone?

  2. Video cameras mounted on RHS property are now recording license plate information and summonses will be mailed to offenders?

  3. How about cleaning up the garbage on Stevens field. What an embarrassment.
    Sounds like a good job for a teenager.

  4. If someone wants to park in mud and puddles why stop them…?

  5. What is the obsession of those in charge , to make parking in Ridgewood so difficult? Apparently there is a need , so why not accommodate it? Besides, who is being harmed by this illegal parking?

  6. I was there recently and saw a driver almost back his car over the retaining wall to the brook as he was trying to park.

  7. Make it legal to park there on weekends only for a big fee. No cash accepted. Park using app only. No parking weekdays for high school kids.

  8. I think turning the area into a park with benches and tables was a great idea. Gives the kids someplace nice to eat their lunches and hang out.

  9. I parked in town a few weeks and had a beer at Steel Wheel.

    It was the first time I used the parking meters.

    $0.25 for 12 minutes is eye opening!

    The other bad optic for the town was seeing the jacked up stormtroopers walking around checking all of the meters. Not a good look.

  10. much better to have 50 cars line up around the surrounding neighborhood. Great forward thinking here by the morons at village hall.

  11. The Village Council refuses to pass an ordinance to make parking there legal. The big question is why won’t they pass such an ordinance? The answer is it would open up the door to having RHS students park there every day. A big nightmare from a safety and traffic hazard standpoint. So, the Council just sits there doing nothing and the parking prohibition isn’t enforced. Selective enforcement at its worst.

  12. Why is this not legal? It makes perfect sense. Parking all over the surrounding streets is way more dangerous. And no, do not charge. Enough already with expensive parking in this town. If I want to watch my kid run a track meet, why can’t I park there snd do so.

  13. $0.25 in Westwood gives you 60 minutes.

    Just sayin’.

  14. There are gates on both ends, close them and lock them. End of “problem” and people can illegally park on the streets near the field. Overbrook is the closest that allows parking.

  15. How about overnight parking! My neighbors abuse this almost every night.

  16. Sounds like this town is run by Biden clones.
    No enforcement or selective enforcement of parking and MANY other ordinances.
    Town employees think they are doing as a favor by feeding at the public trough.

  17. “$0.25 in Westwood gives you 60 minutes.”

    …and doesn’t include an app to track your movements and store your credit card and personal information.

  18. ParkMobile app can be used in Westwood.

  19. park mobile is a rip off

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