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Ridgewood NJ, Garbage pickup will remain curbside, until further notice, to allow for crews to be able to pick up all garbage according to the existing schedule, because the volume of garbage picked up has almost doubled. Please remember that curbside garbage must be placed in a covered barrel, to prevent access to the garbage by animals, keep the streets clean, and protect our employees.

Bulk refuse pickup will resume the week of April 13th.

Yardwaste pickup will begin the week of April 13th.  Since many of you have already been able to work on your yards, we are expecting a large amount of yardwaste for the first pickups.  Therefore, on your first yardwaste pickup day, if it is not picked up on that day, please leave it out until the following day for pickup.  If you do not know on what day your yardwaste is picked up, please visit the Village website, and then click on the tile that says, “My Services Lookup”.  Put your address in, and it will tell you on which dates your yardwaste will be picked up.



  1. Nanny State

    First they tell us to haul it out front
    And now they want to dictate its format of containment

    Typical Ridgewood

    First act of the play named

    Rear yard garbage pickup ended permanently for fear of Coronas Return

    Thanks for the increased Local Tax payers diary of excuses and Increases

    Half the village will likely be out of work soon ..Typical as the Garages Rise over the fragile horizons of special leaders of Ridgewood ..

  2. To my fellow neighbors just bring out the cans to the curb and keep them light for the employees. No big deal.

  3. I agree it’s working out just fine. Most of us really don’t care about dragging out the cans to the curb. Thank you for the ones that are working emptying the cans.

  4. It’s a big deal for more residents than you may think.

  5. Im sure it will go back to normal once this is over in 2021…..

  6. Hey resident… maybe YOU don’t mind. I do. If you like to like at the garbage at the curb, try living in Paterson. And what seems to be missing is that despite the ‘reasoning’ behind this …that there is more garbage… what about the summer when most of us are away and generating a LOT LESS. The employees are there to serve us, not visa versa. If they don’t like picking up garbage they should have gone to medical school. They are well compensated and have plenty of benefits.

  7. Oh my God you sound so stuck up. What about when you drag your cleanup to the curb .it’s a lot heavier than the garbage. Are you really that lazy. And guess what there are many towns around us that drag their cans to the curb. Thank God physically you can drag the can To the curb. Would love to know what you do for a living. Have your kids do it as a chore.

  8. To the above commenter who likes to look at garbage at the curb. You can always move to midland park or Paterson. One of the nice things about this town is I don’t have to look at your crap on the curb, your cars on your lawn, your peeling paint, your overgrown vegetation, etc. Since inconsiderate idiots like you move here, ordinances are required to keep your inconsiderate behavior in check. Most of us who are here subsidizing YOUR kids in school are here for the ambience not for the new people who bring your piss-poor habits here when you manage to stretch your budget to qualify for a big loan to move here. And I do NOT drag my ‘cleanup’ to the curb since I don’t have any. Try not to make Ridgewood a shit-hole because you came from one.

  9. To the person who wrote: “To the above commenter who likes to look at garbage at the curb.”


    You said (very eloquently, I might add) what I was thinking!

  10. Thanks Bruce.

  11. Are you really that LAZY ?? I think the answer is you were spoiled as a kid, and your spoiled more now.. If your that LAZY ask your wife do it, she probably wears the pants in the family anyway !!

  12. get over yourself….if u are that entitled that u can’t bring ur trash to the curb then maybe u can ask ur nanny or ur cleaning person. easy to sit on ur ass criticizing every decision the town put forth…run for office

  13. We do not put our trash on the curb. Just because ‘thats the way we did it in Fairlawn’ doesn’t cut it. When you move here don’t bring your slob habits with you.
    Don’t park your car on the lawn.
    Don’t park your boat in the yard.
    Don’t park your camper in the yard.
    Don’t let the paint peel on your house.
    Don’t let your vegetation be overgrown.
    Do ANY of the above and you’ll get a summons.
    If you don’t like the rules, there’s still room at the trailer park in lodi.

  14. In the Village we always have traditions.
    One of my favorite is the lighting of the Christmas tree.
    Since we didn’t have an Easter egg hunt due to social distancing, I’d like to propose the following:
    “The Ridgewood Blogs 1st Find-Your-Garbage-Can-Holiday-Hunt” to benefit the sanitation workers union.
    It works like this: some genius in the Village hole, er,,, Hall, mandates curbside pickup due to some perceived ’emergency’. Whether its a union convention, or forecast of snow flurries, the over-taxed residents must put the cans at the curb, which is for the SOLE benefit of our well compensated employees. (once they complete their route they can go home early with the full days pay)
    Usually this coincides with a wind event, and the cans are scattered throughout the neighborhood.
    The winner is the first to match the lids with the cans on his/or her block.
    The prize is a special permit to allow watering the lawn more than 2 days a week for a month.
    The loser, being the last neighbor on the block to retrieve their cans (usually a New yorker who leaves the cans there all week), gets a plastic bag to pick up the litter remaining, whether from the cans overturned by nature, or by the trash collectors, some of whom left the cans upside , allowing any remnants to scatter in the wind.


    Dueling swords with galvanized ash can covers at 10 am

    Vor can give the blog live feeds so we can sort out the ins from the out neighbors opinion consortium

    Leave it in the backyards fools

    Those guys have it down to a science

    Exceptions 7 or more inches of snow

  16. .
    just keep chipping away at the many things that make RW unique and exceptional.

  17. To the person who said: “We do not put our trash on the curb. Just because ‘thats the way we did it in Fairlawn’ doesn’t cut it.”

    This is spot on.

    We moved to Ridgewood (at least, in part) to live in a nice, manicured place. If I wanted to live in an absolute sh$thole of a place, then we would have moved to Paterson. Doing so would have saved at least $1.25 million in housing costs in year 1 alone. Of course, we’d have to deal with bullets flying around at inopportune times and stuff like that. So, we choose Ridgewood and would appreciate it if we can hold true to the nice things that make ‘Wood…. ‘Wood. Yes, that means rear garbage pick up so that the curb has appeal and this place doesn’t devolve into Lodi and other less desirable places.

    #KRG (Keeping Ridgewood Great)

  18. to the #KRG commenter. thank you.
    we should start a #KRG committee.
    Its behooves us all to keep this a nice place to live.
    There is not a SINGLE benefit to the taxpayers for allowing this degradation of quality of live. The only beneficiary is a hungry wild animal who can eat a buffet of garbage at the curb.
    Lets take the “KRG” a step further… lets set up a website . I’d be glad to contribute $$$ to candidates for local municipal office who pledge to “KRG” and keep up the quality of life and protect our investments here.

  19. I love all these keyboard generals who post all these entitled bratty woah is me comments anonymously. Bet you guys are the cream of the crop and do your part for society.

  20. “Bet you guys are the cream of the crop and do your part for society.”

    Yes, I believe I am the cream of the crop. I do plenty for society. And, I also believe that you’re the bottom of the barrel – the so-called dregs of society. Now, f%ck off!

  21. I loaded some cut up shrubs on a small trailer and wen got there the recycling center is still closed.
    turned around and waited until Thursday night and neatly placed the shrubs out front.

    Mind you it took me all of about 5 minutes to take it from the trailer and put it there.
    Today they just passed right by it and ignored it.

    I have lived here for 28 years and the only thing I ever tied up were branches. I would have put them in the truck for them if I knew it was as problem. I know if I cut them up and put it all in the those reusable plastic bags they will struggle getting it all out.
    If I was here I would have offered to throw them in the truck for them.

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