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What is Meme Marketing? 4 Ways Brands or Marketers Use Meme Marketing

As the popularity of memes is increasing, brands are leveraging humorous content to promote their products and services. This is how meme marketing has been introduced to marketers. Owning the ability of the memes to communicate feelings and become super relatable reflects various situations and attitudes perfectly. 

For instance, Netflix has one of the best meme marketing campaigns. Their meme marketing on social media platforms is excellent. When people avoid engaging with brand-related content on their feed, marketers use memes to attract their attention. 

It does not matter if you’re an online marketing agency focused on developing meme marketing for your clients or a marketer, meme marketing will always give you an edge over others. Here are the top 4 ways Marketers use meme marketing for their business. 

Identify the Purpose of Your Brand

Just like every social media campaign, memes must complement the messaging and core value of your brand. 

If your business image reflects warmth and friendliness, using a meme with dark humor will ultimately disappoint your audiences. Not to mention, your marketing campaign will fail miserably. Therefore, you need to personalize the memes from Meme Scout to deliver relevant content to your audiences. Hence, the first step of meme marketing is to understand the audiences of your business. 

Be Relatable

The memes you choose to promote your business should complement a deeply relatable situation or a popular joke. If your targeted customers fail to interpret the context of the memes, they won’t engage with your brand. This will also damage the online reputation of your business. 

A great example of this is Apple TV which is one of the most successful meme marketing campaigns in 2021. Apple TV used famous pop culture references from a movie named No Country for Old Men to develop witty and relatable memes for their audiences. 

Personalize the Trending Memes

One of the most effective ways to become viral quickly is by using memes related to current events that have accumulated the attention of millions of people. For instance, KFC has used the popular “Bird Box” meme when the movie was released on Netflix. The meme contained Sandra Bullock with a chicken bucket as she fight for her existence. 

The caption KFC used was “The only #BirdBox you need”. This was a great level of meme personalization. Just like this, you can also personalize your internal communication such as sales emails with custom memes. 

The Uploading Time of Your Meme

As per Reddit, memes come with a short lifespan. This is because the events associated with the memes become boring after a couple of months and people stop engaging with the content. This is why timing is one of the most important factors of meme marketing. Additionally, not every people will know about the context. If you want to increase your chances of becoming viral, you need to identify the popular meme contexts. 

The perfect example of using memes timely is from the Beard Club. During Christmas, they used two images to showcase the common situation of 2020. 


This is how brands or marketers leverage the benefits of meme marketing. Do you want to use memes to effectively increase the exposure of your business? Make sure you develop a great meme marketing strategy. 

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