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Don’t Expect to Charge Your Electric Vehicle at a US Post Office any Time in the Near Future

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Ridgewood NJ, the Postal Service is planning to begin installing and using EV charging stations at its facilities this year as it begins converting 75% of its fleet to EVs. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has said it will purchase 66,000 charging stations, one for each of the electric vehicles it plans to buy over the next several years, including those potentially available at electric cars for sale in San Diego

USPS officials told GAO the roadblocks to allowing the public to use agency chargers ranged from legal and financial to operational. The Postal Service is statutorily prevented from pursuing revenue outside its core business, though they can offer services on behalf of federal agencies. USPS Officials said the initiative would “conflict with or complicate” efforts to efficiently deliver the mail, including by incentivizing customers to spend longer in post offices than is necessary. They noted potential limitations related to parking, staffing to troubleshoot issues and safety for users at night. USPS also expressed concerns about allowing the general public to access its grounds beyond security fences.

Put succinctly, “Postal officials we interviewed did not identify any benefits to USPS of pursuing public chargers,” GAO said. Some stakeholders GAO also spoke with, however, said USPS would be offering a public good that would enhance its reputation and “community relevance.”

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The Postal Service has explored the possibility of granting its workforce access to its fleet chargers, but so far has not incorporated any efforts to share the equipment in its plans to ramp up its charging infrastructure.

“We charge overnight,” DeJoy told reporters in December. “I don’t think the public wants to come wait overnight. And we have secured lots. So that’s a whole other strategy. That’s for another day.”

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Expect to Charge Your Electric Vehicle at a US Post Office any Time in the Near Future

  1. Electric vehicle. LOL. A total environmental scam. Where do these people think electric comes from? The base of electricity is generated by coal, natural gas or nuclear and to a much lesser extent hydropower.
    The batteries in these electric vehicles weigh in over 1,000 pounds and must be replaced every several years costing thousands of dollars not to mention that these giant used up batteries are toxic and will wind up in landfills. And consider the unforeseen health effects of 5G network in an electric vehicle producing mega watts of radiation in an enclosed environment. Think microwave oven on wheels.

    1. The whole government-led CO2 effort is a scam. The Paris Accords have done NOTHING to reduce aggregate global CO2 and GHG emissions, but they have ensured that they merely transfer borders, along with the West’s industrial base (the West’s has decreased, but China’s have increased off the charts since their ill-advised admission into the WTO). The agreement merely provides plausible deniability for politicians and the donor class to allow capital to chase slave labor without accountability from suburban votes who are insulated from the effects. At least they get to put up preachy lawn signs.

  2. Electric vehicle are virtual signaling by the left wing wackos and feel good liberals.
    Turn a blind eye to the child labour mining the minerals necessary to make the battery, the coal power plants making chinese electricity, and the 10 percent for the big guy on the deal with hunter.
    Wait till the battery takes a shit and needs replacing. It costs a large portion of the price of the car.
    dumb asses

  3. Don’t forget the fires.
    Lithium-Ion batteries are very dangerous.
    I wouldn’t want to have my kids sleeping in a house where an electric car is being charged.

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