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Gwenn Hauck endorses Richard Brooks for Ridgewood Village Council : “Kiss of Death”

gwenn hauck

Will this be the “kiss of death” for Richard Brooks?

April 9,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, Is Richard Brooks Campaign for Village Council over before it started?  Richard Brooks the husband of Ridgewood Planning Board attorney Gail Price who seemed to have been more interested in representing Valley Hospital than the Village of Ridgewood and who’s stewardship led to Valley getting everything they wanted with no compromise in a mediation settlement .

Now to make matters worse for the Brooks campaign,  the conflict of interest councilwomen of the year Gwenn Hauck who is so intertwined with Valley Hospital she can not seem to remember whether she got a check or gave a check , whether she paid her property taxes or as some allege is responsible for the mass murder of  wood turtles ,an endangered species;  has endorsed him.  Apparently Gwenn has looked up from her ipad for a brief second and seen the light.

While some will say it was nice of her to take a break from ranting against Ridgewood residents , while others suggest that Gwenn suffers from a mild case of  “foot in the mouth” disease and the Brooks endorsement is just more of the same .

Our modest suggestion is that perhaps Gail should sharpen up those resume skills , but on the other hand Valley might be hiring.

How anyone could support a candidate who is being endorsed by Gwen is beyond our comprehension :

26 thoughts on “Gwenn Hauck endorses Richard Brooks for Ridgewood Village Council : “Kiss of Death”

  1. Richard Brooks was drafted into the campaign by John Saraceno and Paul Vagianos when they speculated that Gwenn Hauck would have a difficult time get reelected based on the trouble she was having getting her petitions signed.

  2. I don’t yet know who to vote for, but I can cross Brooks off my list of possibilities.
    Anyone endorsed by any of the three amigos will not get my vote.

  3. So Gail Price is the planning board attorney and has her own law firm. Her husband wants to be Ridgewood Councilman. Well let se who else is connected. Richard M. Fricke works for Gail Price’s firm and his wife Janet is the assistant to our Village Manager .

  4. We all know that he is the straw man for the business interests.

    Gwen’s endorsement doesn’t matter. No one cares what she thinks.

  5. His professionally written letter to the editor in yesterday’s Ridgewood News gave him away.

    He wants the petitioners to stop before they destroy the American way of life. It seems like it was written by someone from a pr firm.

  6. Finally, the dots are connected! Janet Fricke is connected to the Library cabal. She is a political appointee, not civil service.

  7. All the competition has to say is that Brooks is Gail Price’s husband and he’s done. Hauck’s endorsement just puts the nail in the coffin!

  8. Well then cross off Ramon too because he and Brooks are backed by Frank D. AND they enjoyed being together (with about 4 other people) at Ramon’s party last week- instead of being at the valley hearings like real candidates (Voigt, Bernie)
    What we need is one of the stand up people who stick their necks out on every issue.
    Lorraine, Gail, Melanie, Dana, Dave.

  9. Wait – 7:38am – so planning board approved the high density housing they were advised by gail price. Then when council conducted the studies – they were conducted through Village Manager’s office. Village Manager’s assistant, who was coordinating all those studies and providing data to the external firms is spouse of a counsel at Gail Price’s office?

  10. this is getting to be a real shit storm.

  11. what about the mayor, and the village manager and her lap dog, ..who else is going to come out of the crack in the wall. This is something else. This is old hudson county work in action,

    holy moly.this is going to get good.

  12. People DO care what Gwenn says. Whatever she suggests, people will do and believe exactly the opposite. Gwenn’s endorsement of anyone is the kiss of death. Bye Bye Brooks.

  13. Gwenn endorsed John Albano in the 2014 election. Look what it got him. Yes; it it will certainly be the kiss of death for Richard Brooks.

  14. Its a complex web of relatives and investors that’s running this town. How come only one building is allowed permanent concrete planters in the CBD?

  15. Who is Frank D. What name is that. 11;a.m.

  16. Yes, who is Frank D….?

    Rich should remove himself….

  17. Frank DelVecchio??? Hache lawn signs all over Walthery.

  18. Frank DelVecchio? Who cares who he backs. I met Ramon Hache, he actually knocked on my door. I actually liked him, he understood the issues and seemed to be on the right side of each one. Common sense and reasonable. Bernie Walsh and Ramon Hache seem obvious. The third person isn’t as easy.

  19. Jeff Voigt. Hands down.

  20. Yeah. Well, I’ll be surprised
    And it seems counterintuitive to support Brooks and hasche. Let alone manage both of their campaigns.
    Sorry. The smart vote goes to Voight and Bernie. Leave it at that.

  21. 1024 – – Voigt should be on the top of your list. Good man.

  22. I’m not so sure. Seems to be a little to angry and unwilling to hear anyone else’s opinion but his own. I may end up voting for him, but just not sure. I’m certain about Walsh and Hache. Going to take a wait and see approach with third person.

  23. 1144 – – seriously? he’s quite open to discourse even if he has strong views about what’s right for Ridgewood.

  24. time for a bullet vote. voigt and and walsh. only vote for two

  25. Hache for sure. He is the real deal. Independent. Reasonable. Not connected to the three stooges.

  26. 1:07 pm – Isn’t Hache’s campaign manager a good friend of the Mayor and was active in getting Paul elected?

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